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Finding Work

Choice is the only certainty the world offers today. Even while selecting an architect, the clients are spoiled for choice. This means that architects need to bring extra skill and unique ideas to bag clients.
In the social media age, having a social media presence lends credibility to a young architect’s work.
Along with traditional means of building a portfolio, these professionals need up-to-date digital copies of their work that can be sent to potential clients. And this is just one way to find more clients. Keep up to date with our blogs as we get experts to help you build a bigger clientele.
Every freelancer is different, with different skills, network, services and so on. You need to figure out what is right for you.Source

Discovering Great Materials for Extraordinary Designs

People want to see beautiful designs at a low cost and in as less time as possible. Between this mayhem, the responsibility of choosing what to prioritise lies with the architects.
Architects have to carry the burden of proving why a certain design or material should take precedence. It’s a challenge to justify the costs of designs..

With better tech, our architecture has become more complex than ever before. The new-age buildings need materials that can hold up their designs. An architect speaks with tens of vendors and brands to find that one item which matches their vision.

The process of just discovering the latest materials in the market is tedious and costs them an immense amount of time and effort. This process is tedious and costs them an immense amount of time and effort.
Sample libraries are not only changing in size, when and how they are being used within the specification process is changing as well. Source

Getting Samples

The touch and feel of an item hold importance in this industry. Without samples, ordering can be risky. An architect usually ends up spending days visiting multiple showrooms to find appropriate materials that they need. On average, they have to coordinate with over 25 vendors for one single project.
Over this, vendors typically do not provide samples without pre-existing relationships. Finding a way to get the samples is not an easy task— until you know about Material Depot.
A sample box is one of the most effective ways a company can promote new collections to designers. Source

Keeping up With Ever-Changing Software and Hardware

Decades ago, computers allowed architects to rationalise forms and designs. Today, the scope for an architect is shrinking. Newer technologies have birthed complex buildings, which need an ‘expert’ to come in shape. This is chipping away opportunities from architects, who now need to learn about sophisticated tools to stay in business.
Each Architectural design software is targeted at different needs, and choosing the best one for you depends on many factors such as cost, compatibility with other programs, and the amount of time you are willing to spend on the drawing process. Source

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