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Bring in good luck and say goodbye to all the negativity

Vastu is an ancient Indian architectural form combining the 5 natural elements in order to create a balanced life. Prosperity, happiness, and success come only when the house is designed as per the Vastu shastra.
Vastu is a combination of architecture, art, and science, an age-old practice observed even now. It may sound intimidating to a new homeowner which is why we’ve curated a whole list of Vastu tips for you

Vastu for your Home Entrance

The entrance to your house is the first element that is viewed when you or your guests step inside. The entrance to the house is the portal that ushers in energy and it is important to keep the good energy flowing in. Source
Here are a few tips to nail the perfect entrance as per Vastu:
  1. The ideal direction for a home entrance is north or northeast.
  2. The preferred material for the door and frame should be wood. The color of the door must never be painted black.
  3. The size of the main entrance door must be bigger in comparison to other doors.
  4. Place sufficient good lighting and make the entrance bright to welcome good energy.
  5. Keep the entrance minimal and do not clutter with things like shoe racks, idols, and fountains.

Vastu for Living Room

The living room is the hub of all activity, especially during social gatherings. A well-designed living room will help to keep the conversation flowing and overall positive energy. Source
Here’s how to make your living room Vastu certified
  1. The living room too should be oriented in the north or northeast direction.
  2. An ideal living room must be minimal with the bulky furniture placed away in the west or southwest direction.
  3. All electrical work and appliances must be situated in the eastern or southeastern direction.

Vastu for Bedroom

Bedrooms are used for rest and relaxation. Keeping in mind vastu for the bedrooms can help in leading a healthy and peaceful life. Source
Keep diseases, disputes, and bad luck at bay by incorporating these rules for Vastu in bedrooms.
  1. The bedrooms in the house must be located in the southwest direction to bring in good health and long life.
  2. The bedrooms must never be placed in the north direction in order to avoid disputes among the family members or the people who are living in the house.
  3. The bed must be placed in the southwestern part of the room and the head of the bed should face the west.
  4. The mirror should be placed carefully and not opposite the bed. The mirror should never show a sleeping person’s reflection.
  5. Never paint the room with harsh and dark colors. Instead, use neutral earthy shades to create a calm and serene environment.
  6. The lighting must be warm and harsh white light should be avoided.
  7. Do not place images or idols of Gods in the bedroom to have a healthy emotional balance.
  8. Never place a bedroom above or beside a kitchen.

Vastu for Balcony

At the end of a hard days’ worth of work, most of us find ourselves unwinding in our balconies. We usually start our day by having a cup of tea or coffee on the balcony and the exact thing happens at the end of the day. Source
The size of balconies is smaller but here’s how you can get the best of the limited space using Vastu tips:
  1. The balcony should be placed lower than the remainder of your house.
  2. The balcony must be placed in the brightest corner of the house which is in the northwest direction.
  3. The roof height should be lesser than the ceiling height in the remainder of the house.
  4. Plants can be placed only in the west, east and southern parts of the balcony. Make sure that the plants are small and flowering as they are a symbol of prosperity. Avoid large and chunky plants that waste space.
  5. Install good lighting and do not make the balcony look dim. A dimly lit balcony can attract the wrong energy into your house.
  6. For seating, place small and delicate furniture. Do not opt for heavy sofas or recliners.
  7. Use soothing shades like white, blue, and neutral colors to create an oasis of calming energy.

Of course, it is difficult to adopt each of these Vastu tips for your house. But you can begin small and understand to use Vastu to bring in good luck, fortune, and success. Vastu does not just help in making your house look good and also helps to bring in the good energy that all of us need.

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