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The ravest projects of yesteryear!

Mumbai is one of the world’s up-and-coming cities. The city houses some of the world’s historic and architectural marvels.
The city is also abuzz with modern-day architecture with some famous firms in the play. In recent times, a few iconic projects have been presented by architects in Mumbai. Here’s a list you shouldn’t miss out on

1. Qualia Restaurant by Serie Architects

The restaurant is a stage for cooking. This 380m2 project is situated on the ground floor of the Lodha’s World One skyscraper.
With it’s design, the makers aim to offer a dining experience in which guests are made to feel part of the act of cooking. The stage-like ambience is brought in by the undulating chain curtains and with all dining areas oriented to the same. The kitchen runs at full length along the wall and is divided into 3 bars, a hearth and a cooking space.
The restaurant’s ambiance overall is dramatic, luxurious and theatrical. The material palettes are restricted to wood at the ceiling for noise absorption and black terrazzo tiles for flooring.

2. Mumbai Artist Retreat by Architectural Brio

This community space is located amidst a coconut palm plantation on a beach. The project is known for its climate-conscious infrastructure in times where the climate crisis is the biggest challenge the world economy is facing.
The plan is to develop the architecture into multiple outdoors spaces for contemplation and relaxation. The structural support is one-of-its-kind with boulders as anchors, columns and beams of galvanized steel, and roof structure built from V-shaped bamboo beams. To increase flexibility, marble wall panels have been used, a trick that allows spaces to be modified as per requirement.

3. BookWorm Pavilion By Nudes

This interactive pavilion is an attempt by architects to tackle the issue of illiteracy through architecture. The idea is to encourage children to enjoy reading and align themselves with the UN’s development goal by 2030.
The pavilion aims to foster a sense of learning through the creation of an interactive learning space.
True to its name, the design is a winding shape, which is welcoming, unlike traditional libraries and institutional structures. The curves include areas for sitting and storytelling and store about 12,000 books. The structure consists of 3,600 prefabricated modular components, making it easy to dismantle, transport and reassemble. It also promotes low carbon footprints and sustainable construction.

4. Ismaili Jamatkhana– Nudes

The project is situated in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. The design takes inspiration from Islamic architecture where light plays an important role in designing interiors of buildings.
Ismaili Jamatkhana borrows from the relationship of light and Islamic patterns to create experiential space.
The design exploits the relationship of light and Islamic patterns to create experiential space.
The plan is divided into three components — religious, social and educational. The foyer is extended to create a cantilever skylit canopy with a landscaped terrace on the tops. The geometric pattern is known as Mashrabiya, intended to act as a veil against solar radiation. The project also promotes sustainable green planning and has extended solar panels at the rooftop.

5. The Flip-Flop – Renesa Architecture Design Interior Studies

This is undoubtedly a bold design, which attempts to take the science behind retail display to a new level.
This pop-up store, which is located at the Mumbai airport, was designed for an eyewear brand. The design houses spatial elements that are set against a grid of time and space.
The project embodies a monochromatic scheme with exaggerated eye-catching neon green accents. The idea of the architect was to reflect the functions of eyewear that is to enhance or tint an image. The design emphasizes on revamping public and private spaces by deconstruction and imposition of strong visual characters of color blocking.
These architectural pieces of work demonstrate the complexity and scope of vivid thoughts and experimental design. With the evolution of our world, these projects stand tall due to their original and inventive nature.

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