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Everything you need to know to design the best wardrobe for you. 

Regardless of the size and the nature of any room, wardrobes are a necessity in an Indian household. Indian households often crib that ”there is never enough storage”.

From basic steel cupboards to stylish wardrobes, which fulfil the same requirements, we have come to design wardrobes as per our needs.   

Here are some basics you need to know before you try to find the right wardrobe for yourself:

Size and Position:

Wardrobes need space from which they can be accessed. You need to examine the space in your room where the wardrobe will fit. Roughly 2-4 ft of space will suffice to affix your wardrobe.

The ideal height of a wardrobe varies from 7-8 ft to not hamper with the general storage capacity. Incase of extra storage requirements, lofts are often a good option. The depth of the wardrobe is defined by the style of storage. If you hang your sarees and coats, then the ideal depth would be 2ft, however, if you fold your clothes, a depth of 1.5 ft will do the job for you.

A regular swing door wardrobe needs approximately 300 mm of space to open the hinged doors. If the idea is to go for something compact, a sliding door wardrobe might be the choice for you. Lately, sliding wardrobe doors have also become a statement of style, not limiting its use and application to restricted spaces.


The wardrobe is made up of its body and the shutters. The body is constructed using solid plywood or MDF, while particle board and solid wood are other unconventional materials. The shutters, generally kept solid using MDF, which is later finished with the material of choice, in case you want to enrich the look of your wardrobe, glass shutters, which can be made of clear glass, tinted glass or back painted glass, have become some trending designs.


The market is filled upto brim with a variety of finishes, however, these are few popular wardrobe finishes to make your room modern and stylish: laminate, membrane, UV, acrylic, aluminum with glass or aluminum with lacquer. The most cost effective options are laminates, membranes and acrylics, while UV, aluminum and glass can be higher in the price range.

Laminates are cheap but luxe alternatives to veneers. Veneers are prone to wear and tear and require regular maintenance in terms of polish, whereas laminates are a one-done option with a wide array of choices in all possible colors, textures and patterns. The wardrobe in the above image is finished with laminates of two different colors and textures and stylised handles.

Wardrobes with glass can be customized by using frosting and film added to regular, back painted or tinted glass.

Accessories :

To further add further beauty and flair to your bedroom, wardrobe and daily life, adding some accessories might just be the zest you need. 

Accessories in wardrobes mean adding drawers for specific products, easy access hangers, hooks, trolleys and shoe racks among many others. Accessories enable your wardrobes to become stylish and modern by revolutionizing the organization of wardrobes in India. 

Some other simple additions are saree and trouser racks, display organizers and wicker baskets.


Wardrobes are an integral part of an Indian household. Find your style, accessorize it and make the wardrobes your comfort chic. Give your room the glam it deserves with the perfect wardrobe design assisted by the material palettes on Material Depot or create your own using the materials on the website!

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