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Floor tiles are one of the important selections to be made in home decor. From colour to style to size, the process can be at times chaotic and overwhelming and often leads one to look for some sort of guide or assistance. An ideal flooring is one that checks in terms of design and is easy on the pocket.

Here are some of the budget-friendly tile options.

Ceramic Tiles

Caption: Ceramic Tile Flooring (Source: The Spruce)

Ceramic tiles are one of those that are compatible with any space. Their solid surface and hard nature prevent any dirt, dust or allergens from settling, thus making it easy to maintain. However, the installation of the same can be slightly tricky and may require expertise. 

Ceramic tiles are available as glazed ceramic tiles having a matte to a glossy finish, wall tiles for showers and kitchen backsplashes, floor tiles. They are available in rectangular triangles and plank shapes.

It starts at a rate of Rs 28 – Rs 40 per sqft and is available in plenty of variety.

Vitrified tiles

Caption: Polished Vitrified TIles (Source: TradeFord’s India)

These tiles are one of the most popular floorings used in India, often used to replicate the feel and look of marble. They present a reflective surface, being dense and hard thus resistant to stains and scratches, adding durability. They are available as a glazed or full body or double charged.

There are mainly 4 types of vitrified tiles: Double Charged, Full Body vitrified, soluble salt vitrified tiles, glazed body vitrified tiles.

 Price Ranges from Rs 39 to Rs 200 per sqft (Category: Tiles).


Laminated flooring

Caption: Laminate Flooring (Source: The Spruce)

They are a common substitute for wooden flooring and are available in multiple colours resembling natural wood such as oak, rosewood pine, etc. They cast an aesthetic appearance to the space they are placed in.

They are scratch-resistant and UV protected making them easy to maintain but are not suitable for areas of moisture as they tend to disintegrate. They are used as a substitute for natural stones such as granite and marble. 

Price ranges from Rs 70 to Rs 120 per sqft.

Laminate Wood Floor  Laminates  Laminate Floor


Porcelain tiles

Caption: Porcelain Tiles (Source: Flooring America)

Compared with ceramic, these tiles range better in terms of strength and density. Porcelain tiles also made with clay are available in multiple varieties, hence pricing higher than ceramic. They are resistant to stain/strain and don’t crack easily.

Though similar to ceramic tiles, they have a larger variety in design and have a uniform pattern distribution throughout their thickness. They are often used to replicate wood, marble and granite floorings. Replacement on cracking is simple.


Kota stone

Caption: Kota Stone (Source: KotaPride)

Native to the Kota district of Rajasthan, the stone is known for its non-lustrous and matte appearance unlike other natural stones such as marble and granite. They have great strength and water resistance, giving them lifetime longevity. Its heat-reflecting property makes it comfortable and calming to walk on. Their natural lustre can be maintained on regular polishing. The tile is homogenous fine-grain and resistant to climatic conditions. However, they are prone to staining. Unlike granite, they are not available in large slabs since limestone is a fragile element.

Price range: Rs 10 per sqft starting price. Cheaper on bulk orders and direct quarry.


Terracotta tiles

Caption: Terracotta Floor Tiles (Source: Houzz)

These tiles are the perfect solution while trying to infuse an old-world, vintage, and rustic charm into your space. Dried and fried at high temperatures, these tiles are often available in red to brownish shades in desired shapes. Terracotta tiles are produced in unglazed and glazed, where the latter makes it resistant to moisture and wear and tear, thus making it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. They are eco-friendly, organic, and suitable for both indoor-outdoor, but since being porous require regular maintenance.

The price range is Rs 28 to Rs 90 per sqft.


Vinyl flooring

Caption: Vinyl Flooring (Source: The Spruce)

A derivative of PVC, vinyl floorings are an alternative to wood and laminate floorings. Its resistance to scratch and water makes it highly durable with a lifetime of 10 years at least. They have easy maintenance, however, can release volatile compounds thus making them biodegradable. They are available as luxury vinyl tiles and as vinyl rolls. However, in case of damage, replacement is difficult.

They are comfortable and quiet while walking, easy to install and maintain. Good choice for bath and kitchens.

Price Range is Rs. 35/sq ft – 165/sq ft


With a plethora of materials available in the market, it is quite essential to filter and sort based on our preferences. Being cost-effective and budget-conscious is an important virtue that helps to build easy, comfortable balanced environments in the future.

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