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If you are someone who has just moved to a metropolitan city and looking for a “home interior near me”, then this blog is just for you!

Buying a new house and then customizing it as per your tastes can be a tedious job, especially when you are relatively new to that city. There are numerous interior design services available in each of the metropolitan cities. 

But making the right choice in home interior design for your new home can be confusing. This is why we’ve curated the best possible list for good interior design in 4 metros – Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi. In this blog, we address not only simple interior design for homes but also how to pick materials based on the different climates of these four cities.


Bangalore Interior Design Guide

Caption: Beautiful Homes in Bangalore (Source: Architectural Digest India)

Bangalore is famously known to be the Silicon Valley of India and at the same time, there is an old-world charm to it. The footprint of Bangalore showcases a healthy coexistence between residential high rises and quaint old villas. When thinking about the architecture and interior design in Bangalore, the 2 words that quickly come up are contemporary and classic.

Here’s a quick list of how to make your interior work for homes easy.

Climate of Bengaluru

The beauty of Bangalore is the forever pleasant climate. The temperature is very moderate due to its geographic location. You can make the best of the land by using an interior design that focuses on natural ventilation. You need not invest in an AC and increase the air circulation by using pergolas, windows, and skylights.

Materials used in Bengaluru

For construction materials, stick to the basics and utilize locally available materials. Clay bricks, granite, and recycled wood are commonly used and readily available in Bangalore. Clay bricks will help in receiving low radiation from the roof. Local bricks for walls help in thermoregulation. Granite can be used for pavements in landscaping. And finally, windows can be glazed and made either from teak or PVC frames.

Interior design tips for homeowners in Bengaluru

The interior style in Bangalore is a blend of the new and the old! Make your living space vibrant with contrasting furniture and eye-catching prints! If you are leaning towards minimal or sleek looks, then make the space comfortable by using some wooden pieces or simple lighting fixtures. Make your balcony the place where you relax after a long day of work by incorporating some greens. To brighten up the house, play with lights and invest in some quirky fixtures to offset the space! Bring the focus to your flooring and pick from a variety of natural stone, vitrified tiles, or hardwood. To create more emphasis on the flooring make use of some exotic rugs and carpets.


Mumbai Interior Design Guide

Caption: Interiors in a home in Mumbai (Source: Architectural Digest India)

The houses in Mumbai are smaller and more expensive in comparison to the other metros. Although you may have the lesser square footage to work with, an experienced interior designer will help you make the best of the limited available space.

Here’s a quick list of how to make your interior work for homes easy.

Climate of Mumbai

There’s no secret that Mumbai can get hot! The tropical climate can be quite a challenge to design around. Humidity is present all year long and sometimes can be quite hard to bear. You can beat the heat by following a few tips while doing the interior work for your home. Add a lot of shading devices against the harsh sun. Choose a more linear arrangement in order to reduce the heat and get in more air circulation. Make use of the traditional jalis to increase the ventilation.
In a hot city like Mumbai, make use of the light, wind, and shade to skip on expensive air conditioning.


Like any other city, make sure to keep your choice simple when you are picking materials. Clay Mangalore tiles are great for heavy rainfall due to the slope they create and are an excellent way to keep cool during the summer.

Interior style in Mumbai

Mumbai has a mix of everything. There are beaches, high-rises, and historical monuments. While there is the traditional Maratha influence along with the colonial touch of the British, there also is the new generation that’s leaning towards minimal looks.

With the limited space that you find in Mumbai here are a few tricks and tips to make your house look larger. Lighting and the use of neutral colors always brighten up the space and make it look larger. Keep the same paint shade throughout the house and use accent tones to highlight different areas.

Let the furniture be sleek and simple so as to not drive all the focus towards it. Create furniture that is multipurpose, can be pulled out, and has great storage. For the kitchen, make use of modular fittings and use the golden triangle rule for better efficiency.

Make sure that cabinets are open rather than closed, this is to let in light and make the kitchen look larger and bright. Make sure all your furniture is flush with the wall to avoid anything jutting out. You can make shelves when the floor space is limited. Another way to make your house look spacious is by adding a lot of mirrors.


Delhi Interior Design Guide

Caption: Residential Interiors in West Delhi (Source:

The architecture style in Delhi continues to be influenced by its rich past. From being a temple city to an Islamic Mughal city. From being converted into a colonial city by the British to currently being a post-colonial city. Delhi has seen it all!

This large metropolitan city has been expanding through the ages and continues to do so. While coming to housing, Delhi has something under every budget to offer. From lush sprawling bungalows to high-rise apartments, if you are looking for a new home, there are high chances that you will find it in Delhi! Simple interior design can help you bring the aroma of yesteryears into your Delhi home and here’s how you can do it.


It is difficult to design around the climate of Delhi due to its harshness. The summers are hot and dry and winters can be extremely cold. The best way to beat the summer heat can be by utilizing the jaali system. Increase ventilation and air circulation by installing windows and openings.


For materials take inspiration from the historical monuments where utilization of natural stone like marble, granite, red stone, etc is high. Use brick masonry with high thermal mass for cooler temperatures during the summer and pleasant winters.

Interior Style in Delhi

Delhi is the land of decadence and makes your house stand out with the best home interior. Create drama in your living room by using a mix of furniture. Play with the colors of the upholstery to add that wow factor to your living room.

For walls, play around with wallpapers or wooden pattis. Make your ceilings interesting by creating coves with pop. Make your guests feel as if they are in a traditional haveli by incorporating Indian fixtures. Make use of bright colors to create a bold statement and impress your guests.


Chennai Interior Design Guide

Caption: Best Interior Design in Chennai (Source:

Chennai is known to be the land of custom, ritual, and tradition. Good interior design can help to showcase the essence of Chennai through your house. Traditional yet modern can be the parameters you use while coming up with the design.

Here’s how you can convert your empty house into a serene and inviting home through simple interior design.


Chennai is a coastal city and it remains hot throughout the year. Utilization of the traditional system of verandas, linear arrangement of spaces, and internal courtyards can help in retaining optimal interior temperature. 


Utilize locally available materials that are indigenous like terracotta tiles, bamboo screens, red oxide floors, etc. For the roof, take inspiration from the Madras Terrace Roof which blocks the heat due to its multiple layers. Use lighter shade on the roof to deflect the heat. For shading, you can make use of louvers, bamboo screens, or perforated windows. Traditional flooring is red oxide but you can make terracotta tiles or special therma tiles.

Chennai Interior Design

In Chennai, you have the ability to narrate a beautiful story through the interior design you pick for your house. Although times are modern, you can retrofit traditional elements like the inner courtyard or verandas by utilizing buffer spaces. Play around with the furniture to have a mix of traditional and modern. The furnishing can be a beautiful wood veneer that gives a classy touch. Keep the fixtures and fittings minimal and offset with accent walls.

Transport your guests into a traditional Chettinad house by incorporating regional elements. As the weather is always hot and the city is always hustling, create your own little calm oasis by making optimum use of balconies and verandas.



Each of these cities has a rich background in history and tradition that is visible even in these modern times! This makes a beautiful combination for you to get inspired from and replicate in your homes through good interior design.

So, stop worrying about what design to pick, instead get inspired from your city and type “online interior design” from the safety of your home!


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