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Kitchens are the most utilized and highly important spaces in a house. To have a sleek, efficient, and economic interior for the kitchen then a modular kitchen is the best solution.

What is a modular kitchen? It is nothing but the modern solution to organize a kitchen into units for more efficiency. The space division makes the kitchen look well assembled and functional.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the parts of a modular kitchen, various types of materials used, installation, cost, advantages, and disadvantages.


Parts of a modular kitchen

Parts of the modular kitchen


Wall Units

The wall units are usually placed at a height of min 500mm from the worktop. Wall units usually comprise shelves for storage or display. You can choose from glass shutters, open shutters, or closed shutters.

Base Units

Base units in a modular kitchen are 2 types. One base unit is used to store the gas hob and the other is for shelves and drawers for storage. Base units are placed close to the hob for easy access to utensils and spices while cooking. They have shelves or drawers for storage purposes. Heavier appliances and utensils can be placed in the base unit.


The kitchen countertop is placed over the base unit for cooking tasks like prepping the food.

Tiles for walls, floor, and backsplash

Tiles are used for the wall up to the beginning of the wall unit, for the flooring, and the backsplash where the water taps are located. Tiles for the kitchen usually range from ceramic tiles as they can withstand wear and tear over time.


The sink is a very important part of the kitchen for cleaning and washing. Sinks are placed over the base unit and not near any electrical sources. Sinks can be single or double bowls with a drying rack. A larger kitchen can store appliances like a washing machine below the sink.


Types of materials used in a modular kitchen

Modular drawers and material options


For wall units and Base units

The units have a shutter on the outside with shelves placed inside. It is ideal to make the shutters from medium density fiberboard or MDF for the exterior part. A veneer or acrylic can be laminated over the MDF shutter for aesthetic purposes. The internal shelves can be made of good quality high resistant plywood or MDF with a layer of sun mica. For the base unit placed below the sink, it is advisable to install a small opening or jaali on the shutter for ventilation.

For the Countertop

The countertop is very important as all the food prep takes place on it. Hence invest in a good quality granite countertop. Though expensive, it is a one-time investment you don’t have to worry about.

For Baskets in Drawers

The best option for baskets is to use high-quality graded stainless steel. Not only does it give a sleek look but it also is long-lasting and waterproof.

For Handles on the Units

To achieve a sleek look for your modular Indian kitchen you can try using gola profile handles or mounted handles made of stainless steel with chromium plating.


Installation of a modular kitchen

Process of installation of a Modular Kitchen

Most manufacturing companies come with catalogs showcasing various modular kitchen designs under each budget. All you have to do is select the design most suited to your taste and provide measurements of your kitchen for the units to be placed.


Cost of Modular Kitchen in India 

The cost for a modular kitchen varies as per the design and materials used. Modular kitchens are said to be economic in comparison to traditional kitchens. The parts of a modular kitchen are factory-made in a bulk quantity that is fast-moving which helps in the reduction of waste produced during the manufacturing process.

Advantages of a Modular Kitchen

  1. Can be easily arranged into units.
  2. They come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes.
  3. They are excellent for storage in the kitchen as they do not waste any space.
  4. Aesthetically make your house look sleek and modern. 

Disadvantages of a Modular Kitchen

  1. Requires regular cleaning.
  2. Can only be installed by skilled professionals.
  3. A bit more delicate and cannot sustain rough use.


Overall, modular kitchen design in India is a leading trend for its efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic looks. So it’s time to get that kitchen renovation done ASAP for all your modular kitchen dreams to come true.

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