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When architects require resources online it is quite a task to get the necessary data from one place. There may be a lot of options available online, but “from where do I start?” is usually what stops us.

Sometimes you will have to shift from blogs to videos, to get that one piece of information right. Sadly, there is no online directory that can help architects reach various platforms as per their needs.

Especially when you’re a new architect looking up some data, it can get quite hard surfing the net for resources. This is why we have made a compilation of online platforms used by architects in the country for your reference.


1. For Digital Media Publication

Top–left – Architectural Digest; Top-right – Houzz

Digital Media Publications are all over the internet. These are currently online publications but some of them used to be just magazines earlier. These are carefully curated premium sites that are used by architects to browse through similar projects for information regarding the architecture, design, and materials. It is the one place for all architecture-related queries. 

These websites will usually have literary blogs written about prominent architects and their trending works. There also could be blogs written about design events and currently trending materials. Along with the blogs, there are other options to pick from, like advertisements, lifestyle news, picture gallery, etc. There is a sense of storytelling that is followed through the stunning photography displayed on the sites. 

Architects usually surf through these sites to get inspiration for an upcoming project or just casual browsing.

 In India, we have so many Digital Media Publication websites for architects like:

  • Architectural Digest
  • Rethinking the future
  • Dezeen
  • Arch Daily
  • Houz and much more


2. For Online Marketplaces

Top–left – Material Depot; Top-right – Indiamart

A typical architect’s office is never clutter-free. You will always find discarded paper, stationery, and most importantly, thick and heavy catalogues books. These catalogues will contain samples for laminates, veneers, tiles, etc etc. It can be such a bothersome task to hunt for a particular material among hundreds of these material catalogues.

This is why online marketplaces for materials are the new and important websites for architects.

 Just by the touch of a finger, you will have your different samples of materials. Online marketplace websites are a great way to highlight vendors from different backgrounds. It minimizes the amount of space wasted in keeping the sample and catalogue books and makes your office look clutter-free. 

Clients now will have a more professional way of searching for materials. Architects now have so many options to pick from and so many vendors to work with.

Here are a few online marketplaces for architects:

  • Material Depot
  • Builders Mart
  • Construction Bazar
  • IndiaMart and much more


3. For Visual Digital Platforms like Instagram

Top–left – Architecture search; middle – Sanjay Puri; Top-right – Architectural Digest

The world has been hit by the Instagram craze and it still hasn’t died down! Instagram is a visual digital platform and is an excellent way to showcase architecture-related content online. 

Young architects usually find themselves browsing through architecture accounts for inspiration for their work. Prominent architecture accounts usually display images from their projects or render or even conceptual sketches. As the written content on Instagram is negligible when in comparison to digital media publications, it is very fast to get the necessary information pictorially. 

In India, we have so many architecture accounts run by various firms, showcasing their design-related works. Each account is different as the projects range from different style approaches and display options.

Here are a few Indian Architecture related Instagram accounts you have to follow:

  • Architectural digest
  • Sanjay Puri Architects
  • Let’s Show it Better
  • ZZArchitects and much more


4. For Watching Videos online

Top-left – ArchDaily; Top-right – Architectural digest; Bottom-left – CTBUH; Bottom-right – Cept Uni

Architecture has so much to showcase and one of the best ways to gain knowledge is by watching videos on YouTube. YouTube can be used for many functions, you can use it to watch videos of your favourite projects, lectures by reputed architects, and learn different building techniques and software. YouTube is the one-stop solution for all of us! Especially when it comes to architecture it can be a lifesaver.

Here are a few YouTube accounts for architects to subscribe to:

  • Photoshop.Architecture
  • Archdaily
  • Architectural digest and much more



To conclude, the online world of architecture is very promising. There is so much content and data to learn, follow, and get inspired from. Architecture online is a huge family of people united by their love for art, design, and craftsmanship.

Keep up with the times and stay updated with all your online resources by following all our recommendations to impress your clients with stunning ideas.

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