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The new year is here and we have a round-up of all the best Indian houses this season! Each house is unique in character and design. The architecture style varies from house to house and shows the beautiful combined thinking of client and architect. Keep reading to be inspired, wowed, and blown away. Here are our top 5 favorite houses of the season!

1. Modernist Masterpiece

Interior view of the house (Source: Architectural Digest)

Paying tribute to the architecture of Rajasthan is this stunning modernist house in Udaipur. This is a renovation project where renovation was done to an older run-down house. The architectural design was done by Matra Architects, Delhi and the interiors were done by Ashiesh Shah, Mumbai. The house is a seamless beauty, showcasing their interpretations of Rajasthani elements like jharokhas, pavilions, and stonework. Stepping into the house is equivalent to stepping into a white oasis. You are instantly blown away by the amalgamation of architecture and interior work. They both just blend to complement each other and the result is just too good. The house is multi-storied with open pavilions and garden terraces. It is a stunning masterpiece that you should not miss if you love modernist architecture!


2. Play of Past and Future

The play of colors against warm tones (Source: Architectural Digest)

Shiraz Jamali Architects has woven a beautiful story of age-old charm and sophistication in a Bandra apartment. The house is so personalized and warm, filled with nooks and corners for making memories. The interiors are filled with earthy warm touches of furniture and elements that add so much life to the house. The common theme throughout the house is intertwining past experiences of the family to the future they will be making in this house. There is a play between wood, fabric, light, and antiques that creates a harmonious balance. Plants make a sudden appearance now and then to add more life to the house.


3. Plantation House with Sustainable Practices

The open and rustic interior of the house (Source: Architectural Digest)

This is a house that is built in the middle of nature in Kodaikanal and causes absolutely no disturbance to the surrounding environment. Niels Schoenfelder is the architect who has worked on this 20-acre plantation house for 3 years. The design philosophy includes a built environment planned so well that it is causing absolutely no harm to the environment. The farming practices are sustainable and natural. The structure of the house is very open and has tremendous views of the hills. The furniture used for the house is older pieces of the family and some new ones by Vincent Roy.


4. A Get-Away House

Long window illuminating the main living space (Source: Architectural Digest)

When you think of Goa, you think of the beaches, sun, and sand and this house has got all of this to offer and more! Designed by Sidharth Naik in Assago, Goa, this is a house that pays homage to yesteryear Goan architecture. Built into the slope of a hill, the house utilizes the natural foliage to play around with the light and shade. The interior is a burst of monochromes and subtle color brought from carefully placed furnishing. The furniture is all vintage and has a story to tell. There is a beautiful long window in the living room that brings in so much light and life into the house.


5. Warmth and Minimalism

Simple and minimal interior added to existing house (Source: Architectural Digest)

Sunita Yogesh is a very popular name in the field of transforming old houses into minimalistic masterpieces. This Chennai house is no less different. Once you step in you are just hit with warm tones and a lot of white. The walls are white, the furniture is wooden warmth and the fixtures are neutral-toned. It is simply a haven for all millennial souls! The whole house is so beautifully symmetric with its play between whites, browns, and creams. Everything is going hand in hand. It is the perfect house to just be laid back and relaxed.



Each of these houses is so different from the other. Each is a masterpiece and testament to Indian design and style! They all have very different styles and this is the architecture that’s taking place in India now. People are not afraid to be bold and to show themselves through their houses. Some like it loud while others prefer it quiet. Whatever their choice be, the houses are all a beautiful amalgamation of art, tradition, and culture! They are all an ode to Indian architecture and style. A perfect blend between the maximum and minimum. They are not just structures but living spaces for families and the experiences that they will have together!

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