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The easiest way to design the perfect bathroom is to make sure it meets the needs of our lifestyle. Typically, a bath or a toilet includes a shower, an allocated space for the toilet section and a washbasin. The shower is usually separated from the toilet for private hygiene purposes.

Bathrooms are designed in all shapes and sizes, however, in India, bathrooms are generally compact. While planning the interior design for a bath or a toilet, you must keep in mind to make the most of the available space in the room. 

Here are 7 things you can remember to make the ideal bathroom for your home.

  1. Lay your layout

Bathrooms must conform to its users. So, let’s begin by understanding a few basic concepts to understand more about bathroom design. The design of every bathroom can be broken down into three concepts – wet area for shower spaces, semi-dry area for water closet (WC) and dry areas to accommodate the door and the basin.

These components can be played around with to form the desired layout for an ergonomic toilet design. In addition to these areas, vertical specifications such as the heights of doors and other accessories must also be kept in mind. While finalizing the layout, storage spaces must also be mapped out to understand the requirements of the users.

Toilet design plan mapping out wet, dry and semi – dry areas. (Source : Dimensions)


  1. Style your tiles 

The use of tiles for toilet design has not remained limited to flooring. Walls and ceilings are regularly finished with tiles. The market is saturated with tile patterns and textures. Graphic patterns, colors, wooden finish, stone finish, cement tiles, tiles to look like marbles and the list is endless. 

Pick a style for your bathroom on Material Depot and find your materials to understand how they complement one another from our wide array of tile selections. Once you finalize your selection, you can easily connect to the manufacturers through our portal.

Maximized use of small space in a bathroom, finished with a variety of tile designs. (Source : Pexel)


  1. Be aware of your sanitaryware 

The fittings that go in your bathrooms, such as WCs, cisterns, wash basins, taps and faucets, showerheads etc come under the wide umbrella of sanitaryware. Although the look and feel of these fixtures make or break the ambience of the room, it is important that they are sourced from reliable sources to make sure they are durable in a damp environment. 

Kohler, Jaquar, Cera and Asian Granito are among some highly grossing brands that manufacture dependable and modern fixtures for toilets. Find their catalogs on Material depot and add your desired fixtures to your list.

Different kind of sanitary wares used in modern toilet interior design for your house  (Source : Pexel)


  1. Be bold and behold

You can go as bold as you wish with the color and patterns in the bathroom. Bold designs can be created using eye-catchy colors, antique artifacts such as statement basins and bathtubs, patterns and metallic finishes.

A dramatic toilet interior design will be a memorable experience for whoever uses it. You can also throw in some decorative embellishments such as lamps and pendant lights for  added effect.

Bold toilet interiors with use of wood finish tiles, marble and dark walls.  (Source : Pexel)


  1. Reinvent with accents

If going for something bold and flashy is not your style, break the monotony by adding accent light, walls or furniture. These accents act as a focal point and enrich your bath and toilet interior design.

Lights come in forms and designs that can be applied to any design. The illumination can be adjusted for drama and comfort. The storage spaces have the potential to become the most attractive features of your toilets by simply keeping them in white.

Bold toilet interior design with bright colors and innovative storage ideas (Source : Pexel)


  1. Fish the niche

The small spaces of the bathroom can be optimally utilized by creating storage within niches. These niches can become the easiest elements of design. 

Maximizing use of corners by using niches  (Source : Pexel and Envato Elements)


  1. Get the right light and ventilation

Nothing would ever beat a toilet that is lit naturally with direct sunlight with windows bringing in fresh air. Since it would be next to impossible to achieve it in every scenario, designers have to assure that the lighting and exhaust system is impeccably installed for comfort. 


The bathrooms call to be the most peaceful room in the house where an individual expects privacy. They can follow the theme of the house or break away from it to give a striking contrast. Always make sure your bathroom is designed to your needs. For assistance in choice of material understanding, head to Material Depot to create material palettes and find exactly what you need to realize your concepts.


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