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Match the architect to your requirements and not the other way around. Here is a list of some local, young and recently incorporated architecture and interior firms that will strive to meet the needs of your project.


Mindspace Architects, Bengaluru, Karnataka 

The philosophy of Mindspace lies in “Working with nature, understanding climate and bringing in light and the other elements of nature to create buildings that are simple but not simplistic, that is modest and not monumental.” They work towards creating naturally cooler environments within their designs to respond to the tropical climate of the country. 

Sanjay Mohe, the principal architect, uses ‘light’ as a building material for his projects. In an interview with thinkmatter. in he says that his process involves taking a dark cube and puncturing it to convert it into space with emotional qualities. Connect with them through their website, Instagram or Facebook handles.

Prasad Residence by Mindspace Architects in Bangalore. (Source: Mindspace Architects)


BetweenSpaces, Bengaluru, Karnataka 

Pramod Jaiswal and Divya Ethirajan lead a multidisciplinary team of architects and interior designers in Bangalore at BetweenSpaces. The studio strongly believes in conducting an intensive dialogue between clients, consultants and designers. Their work is a reflection of their personality and expression of their beliefs. They generate clues for architecture and interior design using physical, economic, social and cultural contexts. 

BetweenSpaces endeavours to understand the local condition and design a building which celebrates the spirit of space and time. They love complex spaces and getting their hands dirty with natural material. Their style is simple but significant. Reach out to them on their website or through their social media.

Office of BetweenSpaces rightfully depicts its ethos and design sensibilities. (Source: Between Spaces)

The residential architecture and interior design project named Cuckoo’s Nest by BetweenSpaces in Bangalore, India uses natural materials for construction and interiors finished with vibrant colours.  (Source: Between Spaces)


Patch Design Studio, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

In 2012, Ipsit Patel, Shruti Gaonkar and RIka Chaudhry started an interdisciplinary design studio. They provide cohesive design solutions by creating transcending and functional spaces. Patch Design Studio is a young firm pushing boundaries and experimenting with their way with materials, ideas and design. They have gained fame for their projects in a short amount of time.

Only Much Louder, office design by Patch Design studio  (Source: Patch Design Studio)

One of their award-winning projects is ‘Only Much Louder’ housed in a defunct printing press at Mathuradas Compound in Lower Parel, which has now been converted into a quirky open floor plan office, retaining its industrial nature. For enquiries, go to their website or find them on Instagram


Studio Pomegranate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Studio Pomegranate is an integrative studio set up by Shweta Chhatpar and Pravan Naik. As a collective, they have unique practical knowledge of building construction. They strive to discover and reinforce people’s passion and refine their design process to better the skill set of everyone involved. The studio is critically acclaimed and has been drawing plenty of attention from the print media

Interior within Ritu Kumar’s store at Palladium Mall, Mumbai’s esteemed shopping spot, is the product of the studio’s persistent integrative and collaborative approach. The non-rectilinear site pays homage to memories of the previously existing mill building. As the studio quotes, “The idea would be to have an enclosure of walls, under a night sky with a dramatic sparkle of golden clouds, as one can find on a typical Bombay evening.”

Ritu Kumar store at Palladium Mall Mumbai by Studio Pomegranate  (Source: Ritu Kumar)


banduksmithstudio, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

An architectural practice that mainly ‘makes or remakes’ buildings was founded by architects Sachin Bandukwala and Melissa Smith. They also take up projects in graphic design, urban planning and research. Their approach is to find an opportunity to search, discover and answer multiple queries through their practice. 

“In each we look at how to transform the existing through the introduction of the new, attempting to redefine the context and rediscover possibilities,” claims the firm on

They have worked on varied projects covering the domain of architecture, interior, furniture, landscape and urban design. Row office is a law office that adapts to an ageing, dinghy row house that has been repurposed to create a new workspace which is narrow and full of light.

Row Office   Law office in a converted row house by banduksmithstudio  (Source: Banduk Smith Studio)

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