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A minimalist lifestyle is nothing but simplistic living by freeing yourself from excess and focusing on what really matters. It involves living with fewer resources in terms of home and possession. While practising intentional living, you should also be mindful of your purchases.

Ask yourself: Do I use it? Do I need it? Do I love it?

A minimal apartment is clutter-free, which results in less cleaning, less organizing and an efficient lifestyle. We will give you a few ways you can achieve neat apartments with limited ‘things’ coming your way.

Where do I begin from? 

The first step to creating a minimal interior decor is letting go of your inner hoarder and purging all the unnecessary items from your inventory, beginning from your clothes to your cutlery. You keep what you need, and discard what you don’t. Do it with the mantra of Less Is More. 

These purged items can be donated to earn you some good karma. Once you have decluttered, the leftover items should be organized and stored in their specific places. The easy organisation is an added perk of a minimally designed home.

The first step to minimalism is decluttering your homes. Source

How much furniture do you need?

Furniture takes up the most space in a room and you only need the bare minimum. When it comes to big units like sofas and couches, it would be wise to choose linear and narrow items with smooth curves. 

Countertops and coffee tables must be cleaned aside from a couple of decorative items. Once you move on to more functional decor, you will pick furniture with utilities like storage which are integral to store away everyday use items. 

After you have picked a few items, build a theme around them and you will automatically start eliminating unnecessary stuff.

Narrow sofa finished with bold sofa and touch of green for minimalist interior decor. Source

What colors should you use in your home? 

White-based colors like cream, eggshell and ivory are staples of minimalism. They have the tendency to make the room look bright and airy. These match well with neutral tones for fabrics and solid wood furniture can bind it all to make a cohesive palette. 

You can opt for a monochromatic contemporary interior design by playing with tones and textures of a particular color. Using shades of color for fabrics, furniture and walls can be a stylish way to decorate your minimal space.

Minimalist home interior design with beige, browns and tans on white walls. Source

 Do you not add accents and colors at all?

Of course, you do add colors in way of bright pops, neutral tones. While you skimp on decorations, you must go ahead and add the potted plant you loved at the nursery. 

The green will make your room lively and contrast well against the tans, beiges, and whites. Color coding the bookshelf is another way to add some flair and pop to your space.

Space in children’s room maximized using less and narrow furniture with green fabrics to add life to the room. Source

Here is an example of an interior design project that embodies the idea of minimalism

Fluid house, as termed by the Quirk studio, is located in Wadala, Mumbai. The luxurious house imparts a feeling of calmness and serenity through their material palette and minimalistic decor. The theme has been followed throughout the 1,500 sq ft house that is home to a nuclear family. 

Interior designers, Disha Bhavsar and Shivanji Ajmera, have perfected the art of minimal interior design for this apartment. Modern trends have been featured using clean lines and are occasionally accentuated by textures and soft curves. They have only deviated from their pastel color scheme to add a pop to the color and liven the space.

Minimally designed kitchen and living room using wood and colored fabrics at the Fluid House. Source

A modern-industrial mood has been set in the living room by use of a material palette consisting of wood, metal and brass. The kitchen and living room can be separated using a moving textured wall, adding a layer of depth to the overall space. The lighting and choice of fabric give tiny bursts of color and style.

Bedrooms and bathroom designed in minimalistic style to resonate the theme at the Fluid House. Source 

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