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Materials, Styles, and a lot more!

The first thing anyone notices when they walk into a house is the main door. In the same way, the first thing you notice when you enter any room is also the door. Doors are a very integral part of the house that sadly is very much overlooked. In India, most of the houses we rent or buy, come with already installed doors. We don’t really put a lot of thought into the selection of doors and its high time that architects and interior designers change that! The style of doors you choose can elevate the interiors of your project so much. There are so many materials in the market to choose from and that can make it quite confusing for a new architect. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about doors and how to select the type of door based on your project.

When choosing a door there are a lot of factors that go into the whole process. As the designer, you will have to discuss these various factors with your client so that you can get the perfect door type for the project. Materials, soundproofing, swing type, budgeting, etc are some of the points you will have to keep in mind. Here is a detailed description of the important factors –

1. The type of material –Doors are very versatile and come in wood, MDF, glass, etc. Wood is the most commonly used material for doors and can be customized as per the client’s choice. Wood is strong, durable, and is good to deflect the noise. MDF is cheaper than wood and offers the same benefits. If your client is on a budget then MDF is a perfect choice. Glass doors are used to give a really modern and sophisticated feel. They are best used for show than for protection.

2. Aesthetics – The color of the door is very important as it is the element that sets the tone for the whole room. Make sure to first understand the whole vibe of the interiors and only then pick the color for the door. In case you don’t find the exact shade, you can always paint over the door.

3. Locks, Hinges, and Handle/Knob – The hardware part of the door is very important as it is used for safety purposes as well as enhances the aesthetics of the door. The type of lock you choose is very important. You can pick from a deadbolt, padlock, or even a chain lock. The hinge though placed towards the corner must be carefully chosen in terms of colors. The type of handle or knob can depend on the style of the fixtures in the house. Choose a similar style that will blend well with the interiors of the house.

4. The core of the Door – The door can be either hollow or solid-filled. Hollow doors are cheaper, lightweight, and very easy to install. Solid doors on the other hand are very good for soundproofing and for insulation in cold conditions.

5. Style of the Door – There is no rule as to how many panels you can have on the door. You can install single or multiple panels of different shapes. You can also play with the shape of the edges, bevels, and depth of the panel.

6. Sound Proofing – While choosing materials make sure that the material is good for soundproofing. Especially if you are living in a highly populated urban city that is prone to a lot of sounds. Wood is great for soundproofing and a layer of fabric upholstery can be added as paneling for intense soundproofing.

Now that we have discussed the important factors on how to select a door, let us discuss the different door styles. There are so many styles of doors and here are the most popular ones!

1. Hinged Doors

Hinged DoorHinged doors are the most commonly used doors and the type of door most of us will have in our houses. 3 hinges are installed on the side to which the door is attached and the door can swing to and from the room. Hinged doors are the most classic and easy choices for the door. If your project is leaning towards more functional and fuss-free interiors then you should pick hinged doors.

2. Paneled Door

Paneled Door

Paneled doors are the other most commonly used door style. It usually comes with a main wooden frame that has many smaller panels made of glass, MDF, plywood, etc. paneled doors are yet another option for fuss-free interiors but to quirk it up you can interchange wooden panels for some other materials.

3. Pocket doors

Pocket  DoorAs the name suggests, these doors are excellent space savers with great internal doors. It is a great option for living spaces that are separated from dining areas. Slots are made into the walls so that the doors can be pushed into them while opening. These doors don’t swing to and fro, but the insides are pushed into the wall. They look elegant and are perfect for interiors where space is a problem.

4. Sliding Doors

Sliding  DoorSliding doors are the most popular doors in the market right now. They are best suited for more open and breezy minimal interiors. They do not open out as they are installed on a track and the glass panels open over each other. They give a light feel as they are not bulky and are great for ventilation. To install them you need a large opening which is why it is best suited for a patio or larger opening areas.

5. Battened and Ledged Door

Battened and Ledged DoorThese types of doors give a feel of rustic barn vibes. Typically, it consists of battens that are attached to a track on top for it to move seamlessly. This door can be made from weathered wood which can be stained and installed in spaces that have a very industrial vibe. As they do not swing, they are great for space storage. Their rustic look makes it a great statement piece in your house.

6. Glass Door

Glass  DoorGlass doors are sleek and give an expensive feel to the house. Glass doors are glass panels inserted into a wooden or metallic frame. It is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. As it is made of glass, it is a good option for backdoors or areas where the brightness in the house is low. This is a great option for get-away houses at beaches or holiday destinations as they offer a great view.

7. French Doors

French  DoorFrench doors are the chicest and classy door styles. They are best for larger openings and are a great statement piece in the house. They are usually wooden panels with glass inserts. The wood can be of any color though white French doors look the most elegant. Like sliding doors, they need a large opening and can be best used as a patio or balcony door. While sliding doors give a more modern look French doors are best for classic and elegant interiors.

8. Dutch Door

Dutch  DoorDutch Doors are typically divided into top and bottom parts. The top part consists of a wooden frame with a glass panel insert. The bottom portion is made of a wooden panel. The top and bottom portions are divided into 2 parts horizontally. It is best used in kitchens to obstruct the movement of pets or toddlers. This type of door is not a very practical choice for front opening but can be used for back doors or in the kitchen. They are expensive and require high maintenance.

9. Bifold Exterior Doors

Bi-fold DoorThese Bi-fold doors are very minimal and modern to look at. They look very similar to sliding doors but instead of sliding, the panels are attached to each other and can be stacked together when opened. They are expensive but bring in a lot of light to the house. They can be used best for a back door for great views and privacy reasons. They are easy to use as they have a hollow core and are lightweight. This is a great option for minimal interior projects that require a lot of lighting and ventilation.

10. Casement Doors

Casement  DoorA casement door will have a hinged sash or a double sash. They have a good multi-point locking system and have tough laminated glass. They are best for modern interiors as they are minimal in design. They make a great option for entry doors. If the transparency of the glass is a privacy issue then you can opt for a blurred-out glass panel. This door is great to illuminate spaces and adds depth to the space.


A lot of time and thought is put into designing the interiors of the house but sadly, when it comes to doors, the architects and designers often overlook it. To elevate the look of your house, make sure to pick doors for the exterior as well interior that matches the décor of your house. The door must be durable, strong, low maintenance, and complement the interior of your house.

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