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10 Different styles to impress your next client!

Wall Panels have made a huge comeback this year! It is a very hot trend in the interior world right now and doesn’t seem like it is going to go away anytime soon. It began first as an insulator layer but right now paneling is done for aesthetics. It can be made out of wood, metal, MDF, fabric, PVC, glass, cane webbing, etc. There are so many different designs, patterns, and textures to choose from. The cheapest paneling is done with MDF where the boards are as cheap as Rs. 150. For a more elegant and expensive feel, you can use glass, fabric, or laminates. If you are an interior designer or architect then you can impress your clients with these wall paneling ideas.

1. Board and Batten Style –

Board and Batten Style of wall paneling.

This is a very rustic vibe where wooden strips called battens are placed over the board. You can either place these battens till the sill level or to give the room a uniform look you can have it till the ceiling.

2. Shiplap Style –

Shiplap  Style of wall paneling.

Shiplap is the name suggests brings about a nautical or ranch style. Here 6” wooden boards are placed horizontally one over the other. It gives the feeling of having slats mounted on the wall.

3. Tongue and Groove style –

Tongue and Groove  Style of wall paneling.

This style of paneling is very much similar to shiplap. Instead of placing the boards horizontally, they are placed vertically together. The width of the boards is lesser. This is usually done in rooms that are shorter in height. The vertical placement makes the room look taller and brighter.

4. Multiple Panels Style –

Multiple styles of Panels in a single room.

There is no rule that says you can use just one style of paneling per room. To give an industrial feel, you can use 2 different styles of panels to decorate a room. The panels can be weathered wood that’s been painted to look rustic and the other panel can be a pseudo brick panel to make the room look balanced with the weathered wooden panel.

5. Fabric Paneling Style for Acoustics –

Fabric Panel Style of wall paneling.

Fabric paneling is done for a lot of reasons but one of the best ways to achieve good acoustics and soundproofing is by using thick upholstered fabric. This can be done for media entertainment rooms like tv rooms, home theatre or to record podcasts/videos. Make sure to use fabrics that are good for soundproofing.

6. Accent Panel style –

Accent wall  Style of wall paneling.

Just like how we have painted accent walls that highlight certain locations of the room, in the same way, you can use MDF board strips to highlight the wall. This could be done as a headboard portion in bedrooms or in the living room to place the tv. Use it in places where there is a lesser focus.

7. French Cane Panel style –

French Cane  Style of wall paneling.

The French Cane paneling is best for a very beachy, boho, and holiday vibe. You can use French cane paneling and team it with warm rustic furniture and white bed linens. The wardrobes or any other storage furniture can also have doors that have the French Cane webbing. For a darker look, you can stain the panel with darker earthy shades.

8. Grids with Raised Trim work Style –

Classical Grids Style of wall paneling.

This is a very traditional and classic style that is widely seen in palaces and other historical buildings. Here the raised trim with its beveled edge of the grids gives a royal and opulent look. This is a style that can be used for interiors that want to exude a royal and luxurious feel.

9. Framing Art Style –

Framing Artwork  Style of wall paneling.

This paneling style can be used to frame artwork or photographs to add more depth and definition to the room. It is used to lay emphasis on the art or the photograph. The larger grid sizes can also tend to make the room look taller. Instead of artwork, you can even use it to lay emphasis on furniture in the bedroom.

10. Geometric Style –

Geometric shape cut out Style of wall paneling.

This is a newer style where you can DIY your own pattern and then cut wooden boards as per the design. The pattern can be of any shape and can be to make it look funky, you can use fluorescent or popping colors. This style of paneling is best for more modern interiors.


Wall paneling comes in so many styles and they are very versatile. They transform any portion of the house into a more sophisticated area. Use it to lay emphasis or highlight an ignored part of the house by using a style of paneling that can match with the rest of the interiors. Use the above ideas for your next project and make a great impression on your clients!

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