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Have you heard of Corian before but do not know how it is relevant in home interiors? Find out here!

The market is filled to brim with materials for interior designers to use. Many of which we do not know the particulars about. In this article, we take it upon ourselves to break down ‘Corian’ as a material used in interior design all around the country.

What is Corian?

Corian is a solid, non-porous surface material created by the Dupont Company in 1967.  Corian is a blend of acrylic polymers and stone derivatives, the consistency of which is so balanced that the material holds a consistent color through its cross-section.  Initially, Corian was manufactured only in the color white, but now it is available in a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from blacks to browns to beige.

Use of vibrant Corian colors in different thicknesses across various interior design projects (Source : Corian Solid Surface Gallery )

The globally exported material, mainly for use in home interiors, is majorly produced in the USA. Some of the manufacturing plants also operate in Turkey, South Korea and China.

Why are Corian Countertops so famous? Where else can I use the material in interior design?

Corian, also known as Solid Surface Countertop, is widely used to create countertops for kitchens in home interiors because of its striking similarity to marble and granite. The sleek look of the material makes it among the most desirable material for interior designers. Corian, in interior design, is essentially used in a kitchen owing to its virtuous nature. You can easily transform it to the shape of your desire to create a homogeneous piece without having to worry about joints.

Corian being used to its absolute extent for an information center desk  (Source :Corian Solid Surface Gallery)

Being a non-porous surface, Corian does not easily stain, which would be difficult to achieve with other surfaces. It is also repairable without having to replace the whole piece. Corian presents endless possibilities in the design of a complete modular kitchen. It has solutions for doors and sinks complementing the countertop.

Corian countertops are used not only for the interior design of the house but also for hospitality and commercial projects.

The other place where Corian can be used in a house is the bathroom. It can be used to clad shower walls, floors and basin for an integrated design.

Colorful corian finishes used in residential and institution bathroom interior design. (Source: Corian Solid Surface Gallery)

Does using Corian as a countertop have advantages?

The greatest advantage Corian presents is its versatility in interior design. The moldable material can be designed to make the curvaceous piece of furniture you want for your home or workplace. The object has certain transparency to allow light to pass through and appear illuminated. This property is held by very materials like onyx.   The material is relatively stain-resistant and can be cleaned with great ease by using some soap and water. While the material is readily available in the market in pre-cut and pre-designed forms, it can be tailored to suit the requirements of the design.

Seamless seating and planter design implemented with Corian. (Source: Corian Solid Surface Gallery)


Does it still have any disadvantages?

Like the two sides of the coin, Corian has its fair share of shortcomings. While Corian countertops are stain-resistant, they do scratch. These scratches are the most prominent on darker colored interiors. However, unlike other stones, the abrasions on the surface can be smoothed out by sanding and polishing. Thermoforming gives Corian its flexibility. Nonetheless, this property of the material makes it susceptible to burn marks and stains. These can be removed, just like scratches, by sanding and polishing. If the damage is too much, you can always get the damaged part cut and replaced. It is advisable to get this done by a professional. There is also a chance that the beautiful colors of the surface will get discolored by prolonged exposure to cleaning agents like bleach. The best way to clean these is with pH neutral cleaners.

But what if you want to use Granite for my countertop instead?

Slabs of natural igneous stones are used for a pure granite countertop. Granite countertops have the tendency to be very dramatic and might not fit some of the design approaches sought by interior designers. The patterns are unique to each granite slab. This could be one of the reasons people also love the look of the stone. Corian and other solid surface materials have more subtle veining and color variation. The homogeneity of the material is sometimes preferred over the stone. While granite is a porous stone, it is heat resistant, as opposed to Corian, which would be water-proof but get scorched by hot pans. Granite is one of the most durable materials, lasting up to 50 years.

Marble kitchen counter versus Corian kitchen counter. (Source: and Corian Solid Surface Gallery)

Let’s see if it is pocket friendly

To help you sum this up, Corian is a robust material that can truly compete with natural stone in the interior design industry. It is locally available to procure for your next project but you can access all the information you need, right here at Material Depot.

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