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Glossy and matte finish over satin and rustic

Glossy and matte tiles have been the talk of the town this week.
This week, three of the four tiles pinned on Material Depot were glossy or matte, and this does not
appear to be changing anytime soon. All the way to the top!


These base materials have taken the design world by storm this week.

Vitrified base materials are the most pinned base materials this week, with 38.83 % of the base material pinned. Ceramic and porcelain are the 2nd and 3rd most pinned base materials, respectively.

This week, nature pattern wallpapers have been the most popular.

Nature, geometrical, and plain wallpapers continue to dominate the wallpaper category. Nature and geometric wallpapers accounted for 12.87% of all wallpapers pinned this week.

Texture maps are coming your way.

Now you can get bump maps too on Material Depot. Yes, you heard that right. We’re bringing you displacement maps, normal maps, and roughness maps from this week. You can apply them to the surfaces of 3D models and generate realistic renders for various projects.

Material Depot is now on iOS.

We’re everywhere now.

With our brand new launch, you can now access Material Depot on both iOS and Android. All our features including downloading HD textures, producing personalized mood boards, and generating BOMS will be available on the iOS app too. You can download it directly from the apple store.

An ode to the celebrated cities of India.

Cities palettes live now.

Capturing the essence of 5 ever happening Indian cities, our palettes are a mix of both the old and new. The Mumbai palette is retro and quirky with an overall soothing aura, filled with dominant hues of brown and blue. The second palette is cosmopolitan with a tad eclectic, just like Bangalore. The Jaipur palette is regal just like the city it is inspired from. Inspired by the colors of the city Kolkata, the fourth palette is dominant with blue and brown with a slight shade of yellow. And as for Hyderabad, it stands for Biryani! The palette inspired by the same is a wonderful play of blue, red, decks and yellow, with subtle hues of brown to inspire harmony.

Being both bold and elegant, the palettes this week are especially suited for living rooms and decks. Check them out.

We’re featuring new brands!

We’re not backing down. We are bringing you even more brands this week. With 61 new entries, you can now download more than 1.5 lakh of material textures.

The new brands include Richlam, Crystal ceramics, Livollo granites and many more.

How garbage is an advantage- What you should know about Trashcon.

They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but now trash is a treasure for everyone. For Nivedha RM and Saurabh founded TrashCon, a company that manufactures composite boards made of non-biodegradable waste through a proprietary process. When Indians are generating 68 million tonnes of waste annually, an initiative like this is a huge step towards giving our planet a new life and clearing it off unusable trash. Their boards and other products that range from office furniture, home decor and, even school infrastructure are available on the TrashCon website.

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