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Evolve India takes pride in being recognized as the pioneer of liquid metal finishes in India – a revolutionary innovation that can help transform conventional and simplistic surfaces into uniquely textured, real metal surfaces.

One of the most notable interior design trends has been the ability to fully customise your space through a wider variety of finish options. Finishes are a very important aspect of the interior and architectural design process. Manufacturers have been exploring unique finishes and responding to consumer demand. Manufacturers and suppliers are now offering consumers a much wider variety of finish options to choose from, many of which are new to the market.

Finishes are used in the final part of the construction or manufacturing process, forming the final surface of an element. They can protect the element they finish from impact, water, frost, corrosion, abrasion, and so on, and/or they can be decorative. Some elements are self-finished, that is the final surface is part of the material the element is formed from.

The application of finishes may involve the build-up up of more than one layer, which, whilst some of the layers will form the final exposed surface, are nonetheless considered to be finishes. The use of mixed metals has the opportunity to bring an exciting visual appeal to any space. With the ability to choose from a wide variety of finishes, it is important to establish some parameters, creating the right harmony and levels of finishes which will ultimately result in a more balanced space.

Customers are now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing final finishes. Source

Evolve India is a pioneer of liquid metal finishes, artistic concrete finishes and corten steel finishes in India. The company boasts of having the largest collection of rust finishes in India, and can custom match any metal or concrete design inspiration. Evolve supplies its metal and concrete finishes in the form of wall panels and material kits, as well as execute its finishes on-site or at its own factory.

They also often work with architects and interior designers to custom produce furniture pieces, decoware and artefacts, creating hitherto unseen and unique piecesIn the constantly evolving world of interior design, Evolve India is advancing the frontiers with their novel surface finishes. Founded by father-daughter duo Himanshu Shah and Krishika Shah in 2014, Evolve Interiors & Exteriors Solutions is an embodiment of their penchant for innovation.

The company became one of the pioneers of Liquid Metal Finishes – a revolutionary process that will change the way the design industry works with metal in India .All the finishes are environment-friendly and non-hazardous. The thickness of the finishes ranges from 1mm to 5mm and can be applied on any base substrate like wood, MDF, glass, leather and even paper. The finishes are suitable for interior and exterior use and can be used across walls, furniture pieces, ceilings, facades and even doors.

 What started out as merely a smart home interior solutions company has now pivoted into a new-age surface design studio that stands strong on the philosophy – ‘The Future is Bespoke’. Source

Their best-selling products are textured wall panels, door skins, and material kits. The textured wall panels offer a wide spectrum of styles, colours, and patterns for clients to choose from. More importantly, their wall panels are prefabricated and can be readily installed onto new or existing walls.

Another USP of the product is its versatility. These panels can be used to clad furniture pieces, cabinets shutters, and even wardrobe shutters, making them multi-functional. Some highlights from the company are:

Rustic Wall Finishes: The love for corten steel is universal. The range includes plain, textured and paintable patina finishes and is available in the form of panels as well as material kits. This collection is known for the many different rust shades it has to offer ranging from a bright burnt amber to a shaded brown orange. Manufactured using real metal, the rustic collection offers designers a broad palette to create from.

 Rust finishes are a single component formulation with real iron content. They can be easily applied to any base substrate to create an earthy patinated look. Source

Textured Concrete Wall Finishes:The textured concrete finishes were conceptualised to offer a distinct yet economic surface decor solution. To enable a creative expression using subtle, earthy textures. These finishes are available in the form of wall panels as well as material kits to assist designers to bring their ideas to life. 

Evolve India’s specialized polymer-based formulation makes this product unique, as you can now create multiple textures from a single base component. Source

Liquid Metal Finishes: Liquid Metal Finishes are a revolutionary innovation by Evolve that has made it easy to incorporate real metal in interior and exterior spaces. Consisting of real metal particles in their liquid formulation, our Liquid Metal Finishes inherit all the natural properties of real metals thereby replicating the look, feel, and strength of real metals in an artistically aesthetic way.

For liquid metal coating, real metal is sprayed on any base substrate at an ambient temperature, forming a thin metal layer of 1mm to 2mm. It truly is the ‘future of working with metals’ because with liquid metal one can not only create textured designs but can also design with it on any small, big, flat, or curved fascia.

Unlike conventional metal sheets, where adding textures is inconvenient, this patented process enables texturing of metal in its liquid state, thus providing you with a wide range of application areas as per your liking to design and experiment with. Source

Both liquid metal and metallic paints serve the same end purpose, that is to create textured metallic walls for interiors and exteriors. But the make and look achieved from both the variants are very distinctive. With the liquid metal water-based technology, our sprayable finishes have zero volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), the finishes release no gases or odour and therefore are not only consumer-friendly but also easily shippable.

The absence of VOCs makes the finishes more suitable for LEED-certified projects. Liquid metal coatings are sprayable and need to be mixed and applied instantly. They need to be textured and sealed with an appropriate topcoat to prevent the metals from ageing. Liquid metal finishes will naturally oxidise on exposure to the sun, owing to the presence of  actual metals, however there are ways to tackle this. Most metallic paints contain VOC.

These paints are manufactured using metallic pigments as opposed to liquid metal finishes that are manufactured using real metal. Paints are  ready-to-apply products that are usually applied in a one-step process.One can create many textured looks using liquid metal, which are difficult to create in metallic paints, owing to their runny consistency. When compared, liquid metal finishes are more expensive than metallic paints but definitely cheaper than textured metal sheets. So if you love metal, and like organic, sustainable materials, liquid metal finishes are for you.

Finishing with simplicity and a minimalist approach, using natural, eco-friendly materials create maximum psychological relief, as it helps you to harmonise with nature and restore balance. Evolve is an organisation that has come a long way. The dedication of the founders is evident as soon as you see their product. They are constantly striving to achieve finishes that are unique and well thought of.  

Designers and clients are now more conscious of using sustainable, green materials. The need for surface finishes to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly is now an important factor. Source


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