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Brown, yellow – followed by grey are the most popular fabric of this week.

This week, the brown coloured fabric was most in style, followed by yellow and grey. Earthy brown colours are a classic choice that will never go out of style.


Grey marble is the most preferred colour this week.

This week, 32.8 % of the grey marble has been pinned, making it the most popular choice. Following in this category are marbles with beige and white colouring.

Veneer search result favor the wenge.

Wenge has been hailed as the most pinned veneer this week with a massive 33.65%, followed by brown and grey with 28.69% and 12.76% respectively.

It’s getting flowery here.

Floral fervor palette live now.

With 5 brand new palettes inspired from flowers live now, we’re taking our palette collection to the next level. Now we have more than 60 material palettes that you can take inspiration from.

This week’s 5 palettes include the lotus, the daisy, the rose,the sunflower and the hibiscus. The lotus palette is dominant with blue and pink, creating a parallel with water and lotus. The daisy palette is inspired by the floral essence of daisies and has a dominant yellow that forms the centre. The rose palette encompasses a bohemian vibe with a dominant bright red colour neutralised by cream resembling the flower. The fourth palette, inspired by a sunflower, is a mix of yellow and brown with a vibrant bright energised aura. The Hibiscus palette is a mix of olden days with a floral aura. The palettes can be used in various spaces of a house to generate different interior styles.

We’re never stopping!

There are more brands now on Material Depot.

We’ve made even more HD textures accessible for you, so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. The material depot app and website are now offering materials from leading brands in a variety of categories, including laminates, rugs, and tiles.

Now with more 162 new brands, you can access HD textures from over 1.5 lakh+ materials on Material Depot. You can find more about the new brands under the brands category on Material Depot app.

Making The Construction Industry Green.

The building and construction industry is under inflationary pressure due to two factors: the growing scarcity of raw materials and rising fuel prices. GreenJams was developed by Tarun Jami, who recognised this problem and decided to remedy it. In order to create a carbon-neutral building environment in the construction industry, he launched GreenJams in 2017. Though they initially started focusing on the creation of hempcrete, GreenJams sought to discover a solution to a more pressing social issue. Burning crop residue causes close to $27 billion in economic losses for the country and more than 10 million premature deaths. Tarun decided to substitute crop debris for the hemp as an experiment after directly witnessing this. Agrocrete is a product made from agricultural and industrial waste.Read more on the material depot blog.

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