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A guide in brief about Onyx Marbles

The Onyx marble

Onyx Marble, also known as Travertine in America is a much sought-after material by architects and interior designers today. The material is a soft brittle stone that is a derivative of limestone when dissolved and redeposited. The marble is used as flooring in both commercial and residential spaces; used in slabs for countertops, fireplace mantels, backsplashes etc.

Onyx originates from dripstone deposits of limestone caves. The water drips from icicles and spikes to create multicoloured swirls veins and patterns. Onyx Countertops can have an incredible effect on a home’s design scheme, giving it a dramatic wow factor that sets it apart from the pack. 

Onyx marble is a porous natural stone similar to limestone with a resemblance to traditional marble. Hence it consists of pits, which are filled and sealed for a smooth finish. The efficiency of the process determines the quality of the product.

The price of onyx tiles starts from Rs 53  square feet. Also, these white onyx tiles are available in different sizes such as 300x450mm, 2×2 feet, 800x800mm, 1200x1200mm, 600x1200mm, 300x600mm, 250x375mm and 800x1600mm.

Colour Variance of Onyx Marble 

Relevance in Fengshui

Onyx marble has significance in Greek and Chinese culture. The Greeks refer to the material as the fingernail stone due to its fingernail resemblance also having amazing power of restoring one’s health and offering protection against evil intent. Greeks believed that this has a lot of energy to help people become strong, get rid of indecision, indecision or doubt.

Feng Shui and Onyx. Source

Onyx marble especially black onyx is known to have metaphysical and spiritual powers as per many cultures. They are used for grounding, protection, self-control and also as a shield against negative energy. Moreover, onyx helps to balance the yin and yang and treat issues to the feet and bone marrow. Onyx marble is used to ensure physical endurance and strength post-illness.

They are known to be effective in three divisions of life; The Kan that is the career, Gen that is knowledge, Dui is completion. Onyx also works to reduce stress, relieve pain, help create emotional balance and self-control

In the Indian and Persian culture onyx is referred to as a protector of evil. They believe that Onyx can help cool the lust of those with amorousness. Thereby it can help to prevent extramarital relationships. Many Indians also consider the Onyx stone as a symbol of luck and success.

To Use or Not to use

Mango Onyx Shade on Display. Source

To use:

  • Light Weight: The material is lightweight when in comparison with granite or marble tiles. Since they are available in small slabs from quarries they are easy to handle and install. Moreover, Onyx Marble comes on the softer side in terms of density and is best suited for interior and vertical applications.
  • Translucent: This quality imparts a shade of luxury to the onyx marble. The luxurious quality allows it to be easily backlit, inducing a sense of movement and enhancing the colour of the marble. Depending on the light source, the colours also tend to appear warm and vibrant. The marble tiles are places often at the front desk and restaurants in order to attract and draw attention. Onyx marble is also available in a variety.
  • Colorful: A common misconception is that the material is only available in black. Onyx Marble is present in a plethora of colours and patterns. They resemble more to gemstones and has patterns of movement similar to that of liquid transitions from one colour to another. Onyx marble tiles are available in pink, beige, blue and white onyx all in natural stone.
  • Rare and Longevity: Unlike other natural stones, the onyx marble is formed on the surface from the ground as it is a calcium-deposit stone. It is formed by the sedimentation process at springs. The many layers are formed caused by the different amounts and flow of water along with the impurities present. They have a long span and can last up to 100 years.

Not to Use:

  • Fragile: Onyx marbles are soft, brittle and fragile in comparison with other natural stones. Thus it is not recommended in areas of high traffic. Moreover, the material requires fibreglass mesh backing to enhance strength.
  • Expensive and High Maintenance: The material is expensive thus is used for projects that require a high profile decor. This rarity makes the stone more expensive compared to other stone countertop options and adds value to the space.
  • Softness: Onyx marble is highly susceptible to scratches and scrapes easily. However, it is porous nature tends to damage easily and can have stain marks on it.


Texture of Onyx-The liquid movement

Onyx countertops are generally wiped out clean instantly after each use and spot cleaned as needed.  The use of glass and window cleaners is not an appropriate method for caring for onyx countertops. Cleaners other than dedicated natural stones cleaners will make the surface resulting in a cloudy dull presence. Onyx Marble is very susceptible to acid etching. Etching occurs when acids microscopically eat away at the stone’s surface and classify by dull spots in the material’s body. Any spills that occur should wipe up immediately.

Onyx marble has natural characteristics such as high homogeneity, translucence etc thus making it suitable for interior, exterior and architecture projects.

To secure the stone, it has to be sealed well with a saturated sealer meant for porous stones before grouting it. The sealer will aid as a grout release to make clean up more comfortable, while it helps to secure the stone from future staining.

An Onyx Marble Kitchen Countertop. Source

Flooring and Countertops: They are an excellent option for floors and flooring countertops in areas that receive light traffic ie bathrooms kitchens and at times in bedrooms. Lush and luminous onyx has been used to create dramatic effects in the most high-end living spaces for thousands of years.

Wall Tiles: They are used as backsplashes and wall tiles for bathrooms mostly as mosaics. Bigger slabs are used to create feature walls. They have a sophisticated appearance when backlit.

To conclude, Onyx marble tiles are used in areas that require luxury or create accents for architectural spaces such as the entrance lobby of a building, reception etc. The material is an exotic natural stone that can make a breathtaking impression for any space it is used in.

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