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Grey tiles were the most pinned this week. Seems like neutrals are a thing!

Gray, white, and beige are clearly the favorites of the week, reflecting minimalistic preferences in tile color.


This week’s top wallpapers are from whites, grey and blues.

White color wallpaper is the most pinned wallpaper this week. A whopping 19.16% of wallpapers pinned this week were white, followed by grey and blue.

Matte finish wallpapers have gained the most traction this week.

Matte and metallic finish wallpapers continue to dominate the wallpaper category. Matte and metallic finish wallpapers accounted for 14.87% of all wallpapers pinned this week.

Our brand new texture creator

The Material Depot now offers texture creator as well. You did hear correctly. For architectural drawings and 3D models, you can produce high-quality seamless textures. They can be used on the 3D models’ surfaces to provide realistic renders for a variety of projects. All textures on the website are procedural, allowing users to alter the proportions, patterns, and more using texture creator.

Can you smell the sea?

Coastal regions palette out now.

We’re covering coastal cities this week. With 5 palettes inspired by such locations, we’re bringing the sea to you.

The Goa palette is a splendor of blue in shades and hues. The Kanyakumari palette an interplay of yellow and blue represents heritage and water respectively. The Kochi palette of multiple shades of blue is accented with vintage wood veneer. The palette inspired by the city of Mumbai captures its diversity by all means. As for the last palette, it is a mix of sophistication and coastal decor-much like the very beaches of Kovalam!

We’re featuring new brands!

Many more brands to download HD textures from on Material Depot.

It’s time to get to work since we have provided you with even more HD textures. This week, the material depot website and app made materials from numerous renowned brands in a variety of categories, including laminates, tiles, and accessible.

Now with many new brands, you can access HD textures from over 1.5 lakh+ materials on Material Depot. You can find more about the new brands under the brands’ category on the Material Depot app.

From paper to lifestyle: The story of Pulp Factory

Pulp factory is a design studio, nestled in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Set up in 2017, Pulp Factory is run by Spriha Chokhani and her four-member team who she has trained over time to use paper pulp as the medium. The studio is born to integrate new design thinking with traditional art and craft forms in and around the world. The studio resonates with responsible design. It believes in making the process and product non-toxic and healthy by using natural adhesive, natural colors, no-VOC varnishes, and paints. The startup makes sturdy and water-resistant furniture like tables and stools from waste paper pulp. Read more on the material depot blog.

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