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Bedroom design can get a little tricky, check out these ideas for your next project.

A bedroom is the most intimate room in a house. While it might not be accessible for visitors, your bedroom is definitely the space where you seek comfort at the end of the day. When bedrooms are designed with the right combination of  luxury and functionality to suit your needs, it can bring in your personality and reflect your style.

We are here to help you with a mental checklist to create a mind blowing bedroom design:

a. The most basic thumb rule for a bedroom interior design is to get the layout of the room right! In a bedroom, a bed is the most essential bedroom furniture, followed by the wardrobe. Choosing the right space for them is the first step towards the best bedroom designs.

b. Next would be to know what is on the side of the bed. Yes, the tables on the sides of the bed. These pieces of furniture help you enhance the style of your bedroom. To make sure your bed side tables are functional, the height of your bedding and your bed must be taken into consideration to attain an optimum height.

c. The bedroom should be tucked away from the other spaces of the house to give it primal privacy. For a fool-proof design, you could consider adding a foyer that would act as a space for breakout before the room.

Now that we have got you up to speed, let’s dive in with some beautiful design ideas for your bedroom.

An Industrial Style Bedroom Design

An industrial style interior design is a combination of simplicity and authenticity. It gives rough textures of exposed concrete, exposed brick and steel a utilitarian edge following modernist principles.

Applying the design ideas to the furniture and design of the bed and other decor in the bedroom can give it an eccentric charm.  An industrial design can be easily implemented by any do-it-yourself.

 Industrial style bedroom designed with exposed concrete walls and black decor with steel fittings.
Industrial style bedroom designed with exposed concrete and brick wall finish styled with steel decor and yellow accent.

Modern Bedroom With Brick Wall Cladding

If you have the wish to bring out the old world charm to your bedroom, using bricks as the backdrop for the bed, might just work out for you. To add luxury to the master bedroom, you can also design a simplistic bed back panel which brings out the wall and the bed as key features of the room.Sometimes having a brick accent wall in the bedroom can behave as highlights and add a verve to the space.

Exposed brick and baby pink decor and accent used with style in bedroom design.
Minimal modern interior design of bedroom with exposed brick clad wall.

An Off White Bedroom With An Hydraulic Lift Space-Saving Bed

Interior design in India revolves around the idea of space saving and maximizing storage. This can be pulled off efficiently by providing storage built in the bed allowing the layout of the bedroom to be less cluttered. Hydraulic lifts in beds are ergonomic and are used worldwide to create under bed storage. The bed opens up the floor space for other bedroom furniture. These beds can be used for a chic bedroom design.

Off white color used in textures and decor for modern bedroom design.

A Neutral Toned Bedroom Design

Neutral tones in interior design are an inspiration from the minimalist design style. These are often paired with whites for a speck of color. Master bedroom is designed in minimal style with a natural tone palette that speaks of elegance. Neutral tones can be added in simple forms of upholstery, accessories and textures and make a fun bedroom with a contemporary vibe.

Idea for your bedroom designs with neutral tone and colorful bedroom furniture accent.
Yellow and wood bedroom furniture and decor for a neutral tone bedroom design.

A Space Saving Bedroom Design With Bay Window Seating

A large window is a great way to illuminate the space and bring in sunlight in the bedroom. Having a window and a bay adjoining one another with a seating to enjoy the view out of the window is like a dream come true for many people. If it is not part of your perfect bedroom design, you must check out these design ideas that might make you want to convert your bay window into a seating and a great interior design feature.

Make the window a part of the design of your bedroom to create a contemporary space for you.
Bedrooms are now our workstations too. Give the desk a view looking out the window to help you design the best space to get your work done.

A Bedroom Design With A Glass Front Wardrobe

Wardrobes are an essential part of a bedroom design. They take up to a quarter of the room and provide storage space for all the essential items. They give the bedroom its depth and an elegantly designed wardrobe can give your bedroom the charm you are looking for. There are endless design ideas for wardrobes available on the internet, however, in this section we are going to discuss wardrobes appropriate to the bedroom design to look the best.

The most underrated way to make a wardrobe stand out is to use a glass front. It creates an illusion that the space is larger than what it appears. To know more about wardrobe design ideas, check out this article by Material Depot and find the right wardrobe for your bedroom interior design.

Elaborate glass wardrobe for your bedroom design to add luxe to your bedroom.

Bedroom design can be versatile, fun and luxurious by making right design choices. For more design guides, material guides and articles, check out Material Depot. It is a one stop solution for all your design problems.

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