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All to know about Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile is a versatile material option, as intricate designs can be made using the same adding splendour to a space. 

Mosaic tiles have been in existence for a very long time and are native to greek and roman architecture. They can be used not just in flooring but also as fireplace decor and backsplashes to name a few.

Natural Mosaic in Matte Finish

What is Mosaic?

Mosaics are more of a style than a material.

They can be made from stones like travertine, marble, real pebbles, glass, metal, porcelain and more, ensuring you can achieve the ideal look. Glass mosaic tiles are especially useful for achieving a unique look because they come in many different colours, sizes and finishes.

The tiles are typically small for the greatest impact on the design. The materials can also be mixed, such as porcelain tile with glass tile accents to add more dimensional depth and style to the mosaic pattern. There are limitless colours, patterns and designs to create with a mosaic technique.

They are available in rectangular, square, or hexagonal shapes. The tile sheets can be cut to size to fit into flooring or wall spaces that may have unique architectural angles.

Black Mosaic

To Use or Not To Use:

To use:

  • The greatest benefit of mosaic tiles is the design possibilities. Preset patterns with mesh backing are available which makes installation easier.
  • Mosaic tiles are as durable and waterproof and can be used in spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms etc mostly as wall tiles.
  • The tiles are a green product as they only take about half the energy to produce glass tiles. Moreover, they can be made of recycled glass tiles. Mosaic tiles reflect light rather than absorb it. They are more durable than the latter and breaks only on extensive pressure by a sharp object.
  • Mosaic Tiles are also easy to maintain and can be wiped down with a damp cloth or mopped up with warm water.

Not to Use:

  • The installation process can be tricky and extensive as the tiles have to be laid evenly and the grout lines must be clean. The tiles can be slippery when wet.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks of mosaic tiles is their cost. While glass mosaics are durable and resistant they are susceptible to scratches and might need replacement over time.
A plethora of mosaic tiles are available in the market

Types Of Mosaic:

  • Stone Mosaics: Stone tiles go a long time back to the Roman and Greek buildings. They are the best option as they can create beautiful mosaic flower patterns and colourful designs that endure through years of usage never losing their alluring appeal.
  • Glass Mosaic Tiles: Glass tiles that are transparent and mirrored. It can bounce light around in a room and impose a glow effect. Glass mosaic tiles are known for their ability to withstand stains and moisture.
  • Etched Stone: Larger tiles can be etched that is specially carved to create creates a sculptured effect on tile that is more luxurious and smoothly engraved. The design can be deeply etched and intricate fine lines and curves that are perfect for floor patterns.
  • Water-jet Mosaics: Water jet mosaics can create texture effects reminiscent of etched stone and intricate scrollwork. It is a wonderful technology that uses not just stones but different types of materials to create a perfect design.

Mosaic tiles offer a unique and pleasing appearance. With the many different colours and designs, aesthetics can be developed to a whole new level with mosaic tiles. The range of colours and styles of these tiles continues to make the material an excellent choice.

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