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Hello and welcome to the 338 readers who are joining the 17551 wonderful OG readers in the 4th week of July. Designers are usually entrusted with building spaces for their clients. Every day we create dwellings that become homes where people grow. And we have seen pretty phenomenon works in recent weeks when we were building this week’s videos for our social pages. Here are some of those:

While we enjoyed making these reels, it made us realize there are very few places where we can discover exclusively NEW designs by budding designers. Most of these projects were found on official websites but as the world moves faster, the content platforms have evolved quite a bit lately. Example: How Instagram used to be a platform to post pictures, now we predominantly enjoy reels on it.

It’s where the idea of deco began for us. We made deco as an app where designers can discover, share and get inspired by other designers right through their phones. We believe in deco because it resonates with the next-gen design discovery in a medium where potential clients can also see their works in a more accessible format. And not just this, we are announcing cash prizes worth 5lakhs for designers who share their designs on Deco. Deco is a 100% free app for designers. Excited? Join the early access waitlist here.

Now that we have got that covered, let’s get back to our weekly Material news. Continue reading to discover new trends, trending blogs and more.

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When design and recycling meets – Blogs this week

Recycled Waste Bricks To The Rescue

In this week’s spotlight section, we’re featuring ‘Wricks’. Launched by the Udaipur-based startup Angirus, wricks are bricks made out of recycled plastic waste. Today the startup helps Government authorities and private organizations across the globe to upcycle non-recyclable waste material into functional and eco-friendly building material. Read more about the amazing creators and their product here.

On designing a hassle-free bedroom

You search online for bedroom interior inspiration and you find yourself swarmed with millions of options to design your bedroom. It can be absolutely difficult to design with all the ideas clashing. But to design a simple, hassle-free bedroom can be done with a few small tricks. No need to go overboard. Here’s a guide to neat tricks for your bedroom.

Recycling waste flowers

Yes, you heard that right. Now you can get leather recycled out of waste flowers! Fleather is a vegan leather that provides a sustainable alternative to plastic-based materials. You no longer have to battle choosing between animal skin based leather or plastic-based leather. There’s a new sheriff in town. Read more about fleather here.

Are we over Matte and Glossy? – Material Trends

Vitrified tile is a crowd favorite with up to 37.46% of all tiles pinned being vitrified. Ceramic is the second most popular tile option with 29.58% of tiles pinned.

Rustic finish and satin finish tiles are now gaining attention from designers(3.82 and 3.95 respectively). While glossy and matte are still on top of the tile trends, designers are choosing other finishes as well for their new projects.

Suede laminates keep turning heads- A whopping 37.43% of the laminates pinned this week were of Suede finish. 

We’re thinking of Malgudi for your next project! – Palette collection of the week

This week, we’re letting you get inspired by the stories of legendary Indian authors. Give your projects the scenic aesthetics of Malgudi or late 1800s streets of Bengal with these palettes. The Rabindranath Tagore palette pays tribute to the great man and all his contributions to the field of arts, literature, and social reform. This is a premium palette that is full of patterns, texture, and color. The R K Narayan palette is a cool and aquatic palette that is inspired by the famous writer. There are a variety of blues and aquatic-inspired designs that are present in this palette. The Ruskin Bond palette has a strong influence on floral elements. Making use of this palette will make the space look warm and inviting. The Vikram Seth palette is made especially for all the modern Indians who love to dabble in a bit of color and patterns. The primary colors of this palette are blue, brown, red, and maroon. The Amitav Ghosh palette is an earthy palette inspired by all his literary work. The shades are a combination of greens, browns, blues, and yellow.

It goes on and on and on – New brands this week

There are new brands and products on board you should add to your favorites list. Rugs, laminates, sinks- you name it and we’ve got it.

Ikka Dukka– Check their rugs here.

Mistika Decor– Check their laminates here.

Ebano Laminates– Check their laminates here.

Check out other new brands here.

Is Mycelium the future of sustainable architecture? – New in construction

The construction and industrial level application of Mycelium has been under exploration in these recent years. But what exactly is mycelium? The mycelium of fungus refers to the root-like fibers of fungus that live underneath the ground. It can be engineered and tweaked according to its need and use of it. Today, it is mostly used in textile, packaging, isolation, and in producing quirky decor. The best part of it all is that mycelium is said to be carbon negative. It is 100% organic, compostable, and biodegradable. While mycelium as a building material has been studied in detail theoretically, there are just a few projects where it is used as a building material.

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