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When most people think of porcelain, they think of a durable tile that may look like stone or concrete, but that is where the excitement ends for most. Porcelain has historically been about performance that sacrifices beauty and design, but thanks to modern technology, that reputation is now changing.

Do you remember vintage tile countertops? Do thos thick grouts between tiny tiles give you nightmares? You might have replaced those surfaces with a granite slab if you renovated in the last decade or with engineered stone, if you’ve done so more recently. It might surprise you to learn that tile countertops are making a tremendous comeback, but not in any way that you’ve seen them before.

What has emerged from the tile scene are oversized porcelain slabs that look like granite, marble, wood, linen or just about any other natural material you could want, with none of their maintenance issues or usage restrictions. Like competitive quartz and solid surface (e.g., Corian) materials, porcelain slab tops are nonporous, so they’re a safe and healthy option for food preparation. Unlike these materials, porcelain can be installed outside and is both heat- and frost-tolerant.

Example of Porceko® Slabs used in a bathroom

Porcelain slabs are designed to be installed over existing surfaces, including floor tile, wall tile, or countertops.One such company dealing in high quality porcelanite slabs is Porceko®, based in Gujarat. Porceko®  aims at imparting an alluring effect in the form of exclusive patterns and designs. Their “CoverX Technology” is an innovative technique that renders cresamatté®  surface, which renders spill proof and germ free properties of the product. 1 slab from porceko® weighs around 86kgs with a thickness ranging from 15mm-20mm and is the perfect substitute for granite and quartz.

Porcelain is made from fine clay and a mineral called kaolinite. Feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides often come naturally in the clay, improving strength and colour. This mix of clay and minerals is heated at incredibly high temperatures. Porcelain is very dense and non-porous. This is what gives porcelain its water- and bacteria-resistances. Porcelain also resists staining, which is crucial for a countertop. The beauty of a porceko slab is derived from proximity of polished or matte, shiny spaces mutually emphasised by the light reflecting off the slab. Some of their most popular designs range from high quality marble prints to matte stone finishes.

Marble print porcelain slabs in a kitchen

Porcelain is an extremely hard surface that isn’t prone to the etching, staining and other damage that daily household life can inflict on natural marble, but it can be manufactured with comparable beauty, thanks to ink jet production technologies. Unlike marble (or granite), however, each porcelain slab is uniform. If you’re opting for a marble look – which is one of the most popular porcelain styles in use for both kitchens and bathrooms right now – you’ll be able to continue a vein across a wide wall or cabinet bank with bookmatched slabs for a traditional upscale look.

Apart from its applications on floors and walls, you can also create an integral sink, which many designers are doing in kitchens and bathrooms for their look and ease of use. More recently, a few manufacturers have started offering integrated induction burners into their porcelain slab countertops. These can be custom placed in the particular areas of the counter where a homeowner wants to cook, creating the sleekest cooking surface imaginable. Ideally, good materials in your home or business aren’t just stronger and more durable. They also make your life easier. Porcelain slab for countertops and other design applications checks all those boxes, making it an ideal choice that’s often even more affordable than stone.

Integrated stove tops in porcelain slabs

When designing your next space, consider the benefits of budget-friendly porcelain slabs. From realistic Italian-look marbles to the elegance of quartzite-looks and dramatic travertine-look porcelain tiles, there is sure to be a porcelain slab that will make your project unique and give you the high-end look you desire.

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