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Hello and welcome to the 239 readers who are joining the 17889 wonderful OG readers in the 1st week of August. We’re more than halfway through the year—how are your design journeys going? It’s been a while since we’ve been working on Material Depot, and August has been a time we got a chance to look back and reflect on our journey. While building MD a lot of time we wonder what’s next for architects to work faster, better, and more efficient – delivering great designs without compromises. In reality, there are unavoidable mid-grounds on field designers have to work with every day and that’s what caught our eye this week.

In the real world, design success not only depends on creativity but speed and accuracy of data like prices, capacity constraints, resources available and so on. Prices are sometimes the determining factor in design journeys we see in our daily lives. To liberate designers with more accurate project budgeting and costing, we started building a system to get faster quotes. You may not see a lot on the surface but in the back end we have already started connecting 1000’s of dealers we’ve been associated to share real-time prices with us as fast as 24hours. Here’s what the new rollouts look like for you:

Every product page now has a ‘Buy now’ option where you can fill in your requirements and our teams will start working on your request instantly. If you are a designer and you need to try a new kind of material or trying to get a second opinion on your current estimates – these options will get your job done a lot faster. Try a new estimate here.

With that behind us – let’s start with this week’s Material Weekly – shall we?

Total Materials 238658 / Brands live 561(+4) / Categories discovered 69

New brands this week

We’ve updated our platform with even more materials and brands you should check out. Wallpapers, Ceiling tiles, laminates- we have it all.

Ecostic – Check their wallpapers here.

Nova Decorative – Check their ceiling tiles here.

Advance PVC Laminate – Check their laminates here.

Sustainability As A Construction Norm

Blogs this week

Earth Blocks Made From Local Soil

With rising concerns over the climate crisis and negative impacts of the construction technologies, CSEB(Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks) stands tall as one of the many ways we can resort to reducing the negative impact on mother earth. Earth Blocks is a Bangalore based company that produces high quality Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to clay bricks that most of the residential construction in India today uses. Read more about Earth Blocks here.

RecycleX Breaking The Plastic Ecosystem

The post-pandemic world has more plastic than ever. RecycleX, a Gujarat-based startup was founded amid the pandemic when Vedant Gandhi, a construction material expert based in Germany got in touch with Abhishek Chhazed, an innovation enthusiast and a plastic recycling expert. RecycleX has developed products such as Paver Blocks, Tiles, Planters & Furniture that are made from 100% recycled materials. To learn more about this initiative, click here.

Our top content piece this week.

We found the top projects of India that follow sustainability as a practice. Check the list here.
24 hour estimates or nothing – in a meme.

Brown Or Grey For The Win

Material Trends of the week

Designers are loving polyester. 24.59% of the fabrics pinned this week were polyester and 10.37% were polyester-cotton mix.

It seems like grey and brown tiles are here to stay. With 22.47% and 17.38% of the tiles being of these colors, they are more pinned than white and multi-colored tiles. Are you looking for new tile options? Now you know what to look for to keep up with the times.

Beige wallpapers are ‘In’. With 15.48% of the wallpapers pinned this week being beige, it seems designers are preferring neutral shades for their interiors.

NEOM The Future Of Cities And Urban Living?

Keeping the whole world on edge, Saudi Arabia has revealed the design for the futuristic smart city The Line NEOM this week. Stating to be a revolution in civilization, the design boasts a 170 km long one-building city that can eventually accommodate 9 million people. The design also promises a reduced infrastructure footprint and higher efficiency. The design relooks the concept of urbanism and redefines the concept of a futuristic city.

From Delhi to Kolkata

Memorable Monuments of India palette collection is live now.

This week’s palette collection features some of the most memorable monuments of India. The Lotus Temple palette is minimal and is our top choice for simple but expressive interiors. The Jawahar Kala Kendra palette has a lot of browns, pinks, and reds, which are inspired by the building. This palette can be utilized for homes that are looking for inspiration from older art and architecture in a modern design form. The third palette is inspired by the architectural style and composition of the Indian Habitat Center. The palette has a great mixture of sophisticated patterns and elements. There are many browns, greens, mustard, and yellow. The Victoria Memorial Palette is a premium palette that can be well utilized for home interiors. The colors chosen are very light and blend well with each other. It is perfect for any minimal-themed home interiors.

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