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Hello and welcome to the 338 new explorers who are joining the 18242 creative readers in the 2nd week of our August newsletter. Before we dive into the newsletter this week, we just want to take a moment to embrace the long weekend. Are you taking some time off this week or can’t take one because of never-ending work? The latter is far too relatable while dabbling with multiple projects with close deadlines.

This brings us to the thought that design and architecture today have become extremely real-time. We’re designing at rapid fast speeds, sharing in-process feedback with our clients, replying to hundreds of emails, making site visits, and releasing drawings almost every other day – it sometimes feels daunting if not less. Out of the many tasks that make a building, many of these will probably stay the same. Sometimes things as small as ordering materials can have so many steps like managing your vendors, creating bill of quantities, placing orders, negotiating for prices, managing availability and the list goes on.

We can’t change the world, but materials are something we can take care of. With our experience of gathering the best material listings from across India, our next foray opens into bringing the power of Material Depot in procuring materials through our proprietary tool – Material Studio. It intends to solve almost everything material in a building for you. We’re giving free demos to design studios that deal in turnkey or design-build projects to try out this tool for free. Just write to us at with the subject line ‘Material Studio’ and we’ll schedule one right away.

With that being said, let’s begin our Material Weekly, shall we?

Total Materials 241656(+2998) / Brands live 563(+2)  / Categories discovered 70(+1)

Two More Brands For Your Design Muse

New Brands This Week

We’ve updated our platform with even more materials and brands you should check out. Stones and ceramic tiles – we have it all.

Stonite – Stonite is one of the top stone enterprises in India. With over 200+ selected options for flooring, cladding, and outdoor space, Stonite is one of the top stone enterprises in India. Check their stones here.

Gauri Ceramic – Gauri Ceramics manufactures creative and fun tiles. Check their ceramic tiles here.

Contemporary Significance of Local Materials

Trending blogs this week

From Tiles To Postmodern Icon- Local Materials And Construction In Tamil Nadu

From postmodern architectural icons in Tiruvannamalai to the beautiful floor tiles of Athankudi, the article covers the use of local materials and labor in Tamil Nadu. To read more about the traditional and contemporary takes on the sustainability of local materials in Tamil Nadu, click here.

Bone Carving, Glass Blowing, And A City Built In Red Sandstone-Local Materials In Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is home to several local materials and construction and craft practices that are still used to this day. From glass-blowing and bone carving to the use of sandstone in the Fatehpur Sikri, architecture in Uttar Pradesh is a marvel. To read more about the role of local materials in Uttar Pradesh, click here.

Terrazzo Project Of The Week And A Career As A Designer

Our Top Content Piece This Week.

Rosie and Tillie Restaurant and Bar, New Delhi by RENESA Architecture Design Interiors Studio is titled Terrazzo Project of the week on Material Depot.

Everyone has a reason for joining a design career. For some, it’s engaging their creative side; for some, it’s the suffering.

Grey or white tile? It’s a close match

Material Trends of the week

Designers seem to be in love with vitrified tiles as more than one-third of the tiles pinned are of this type.

With more than 24% of fabrics pinned being in grey, beige, and brown respectively, these colors are a crowd favorite within the fabric category.

With 24.95% and 24.35% of the marbles pinned being grey and white, they continue to be the designers’ popular choices.

How Do New Building Materials Prioritize Human Safety and Well-Being?

Even though every material has a different lifespan, most building materials, particularly composites, start to degrade after a while of being exposed to the elements and carrying weight. Materials frequently display this deterioration, such as through fractures, but occasionally damage might go undetected, posing a risk to those who frequently use these surfaces. Researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Fribourg have created a novel sort of laminate that changes color as soon as the material is deformed to solve this conundrum. The lightweight composite laminate is made of alternating layers of a plastic polymer and synthetic mother-of-pearl to create novel methods for the early identification of damage or potential failure of specific materials. Click here to read more.

White Marble, Red Sandstone, Neutral Tile, and more.

The Mughal Architecture palette collection is live now.

The palette collection this week features some of the most iconic Mughal architecture of India. The Taj Mahal palette comprises very neutral and light shades of white and cream. It has pops of other colors like black, brown, and blue. The second palette is made taking into inspiration the colors and patterns seen at the Badshahi mosque. The Lahore Fort palette comprises a healthy mixture of browns, maroons, and mustard. The palette has a strong sense of earthy shades of brown, black, mustard, and cream. The Gardens of Babur palette is a premium palette and has a large number of earthy textures. The marble is grey with a classical type texture and grains. Lastly, Humayun’s Tomb palette is very colorful and textural. It has many colors like browns, red, maroon, green, mustard, pink, and white. The neutral-colored elements are subtle and help in balancing out all the loud colors and prints.

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