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Hello and welcome to the 246 new wanderers who are joining the 18,488 original Material Depot readers in the 3rd week of our August newsletter. How was your Independence Day weekend? Did you get your much-needed break?

In our endeavors to get more young professionals to use Material Depot for their daily design life, we realized something. Our design education barely touches budgeting as a topic. How often have you budgeted a project accurately in your school? It’s alarming that market prices always take an inordinate amount of time to gather when we enter professional lives and there’s always this doubt whether the price is right?

We have recently launched a feature that helps studios to procure products right through the Material Depot app. With Material Depot Assisted Buying we receive orders from architecture studios and get you the best deals by keeping Material Depot app as the central experience. No middlemen, no hassle – just pin your materials, input quantities, and get your estimates then and there!

Total Materials 241852 / Brands live 563(+2) / Categories discovered 70

These brands have all the designers’ hearts

Featured Brands This Week

Johnson tiles are not a new brand to any designer. It is one of the leading brands in India with tiles available for all your construction and interior needs.

Lemondecor is a one-of-a-kind online home furnishing shop that provides aesthetic and top-quality furnishing fabrics. With useful features to find your perfect fabric, it is a brand every designer should know of.

Keeping Up With History

Trending blogs this week

The ever-charming architecture of Hampi

From Vitthala Temple to Stone Chariot and Musical Pillars, Hampi is rich in architecture and tourist attractions. The blog post explores the wonders of the Vijayanagar Empire and Dravidian Architecture. Read the post here.

Understanding The Ambiguity Of Glass

Did you know that while the fragility of glass is talked about in idioms and metaphors, structured glass is developed to be stronger than steel? To learn more fun facts and information about glass, read our blog post.

Keeping Up With Expectations

Our Top Content Piece This Week.

Happy works Working Pod, West Bengal by Abin Design Studio shows the inspiring use of color in an architecture project and is titled Paint Project of the Week.

Classic Wenge For The Win

Material Trends of the week

Wenge veneers stay undefeated with a whopping 40.38% of veneers pinned being of this color. Brown and grey take the second and third places with 23.08% and 7.22% pinned veneers respectively.

The suede finish is a crowd favourite with 35% of pinned laminates having this finish.

Is Europe’s largest infrastructure project worth it?

There aren’t many greater construction projects than High Speed 2. (HS2). A brand-new, ultra-rapid railway is being constructed right in the center of Britain, promising economic growth, low-carbon travel, increased capacity, and some of the world’s swiftest trains. But creating it is not at all simple. The project has encountered delays, adversity, and budget overruns multiple times. Today, HS2 is more well-known for its missteps and the actions of individuals in positions of authority than for its advantages and the amazing engineering that went into it. A concept that was supposed to unite the nation has polarised opinions. Click here to read more.

From Shiva To Krishna

The Temple Architecture palette collection is live now.

The palette collection this week features some of the renowned Temple architecture of India. The beauty and grandeur of temples in India are undeniable and with the palettes, we’ve tried to capture the essence of these temples. From Brihadisvara Temple to Jagannath Temple, the palettes are bright and inviting just like their counterparts. With colors predominantly yellows and oranges, this palette collection is perfect for home interiors.

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