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Hello and welcome to the 19,000+ readers of Material Depot weekly. We are just 1000 subscribers away from reaching a new milestone 🙂 Great to see y’all here. 4 months for the year to end, and we are here with another edition of Material Weekly. How have you been?

At Material Depot we usually talk about materials that are manufactured and sometimes, those are not the only solutions we have when we approach construction. A good portion of India is still rural, and the way they construct today many times is inspired by the urban cities. Our editorial team looked at the flip side of this dichotomy this week.

We explored materials by region this time on Material Depot, and we believe you will love it. Check out our latest articles that celebrate Leh & Ladakh, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala, Assam, and many more here.

With that out of our way, let’s begin our this week’s Material Weekly!

Total Materials 241870(+18) / Brands live 563(+2) / Categories discovered 70

Grohe & Design Walls

New Brands You Should Know


Grohe provides an excellent collection of luxury fittings suited for remarkable bathrooms and kitchens.

Design Walls

Design Walls produces wallpapers that can be used to transform your living spaces. The wallpapers are eco-friendly, highly durable and suitable for all environments.

The Use of Local Materials

Trending blogs this week

Leh & Ladakh

From stone to pakbu(sundried mud bricks) and rammed earth, traditional houses in Ladakh are built using various local materials available in the area. Read more on the traditional construction techniques and local materials here.


Kerala, a state in Southern India is known as a tropical paradise of waving palms and wide sandy beaches. Architecture in Kerala involves a lot of traditional local materials in their home designs, the chief being wood and bricks. Read more on our post here.

More materials by region on Material Depot.

Can Architects WFH?

Our Top Content Pieces This Week.

Is remote work possible for an architect?

While professionals all across the world are switching from offline to working from home(WFH), architects are torn. How can architects WFH long-term with site work, team projects, client meetings, and more? This post briefly summarizes the different takes on the topic. See the post here.

No one look at our models!

We all know this dirty little secret-why we never show our models. Renders in certain angles only for the viewers, please! See the post here.

Green paints and Glossy quartz – What’s new on Material Depot

Material Trends of the week

Green is the paint color of the week

Green seems to be the designer’s choice when it comes to paint as 19.71% of the paints pinned were of this color. Grey and blue are also preferred with 14.27% and 13.06% of the paints pinned being of these colors respectively.

Glossy quartz is chosen over other quartz finishes

Glossy quartz options are getting pinned all the time. With 30.7% quartz pinned being of the glossy finish, it’s clear to see a preference. Unpolished and polished finishes were also pinned at 11.54% and 10.85% of all quartz this week.

How to Design a Sidewalk? The Key Role of Street Furniture

Design how-to of the week

If the pavement of a sidewalk is a key element for the flow organization, the urban furniture chosen to compose the public space is responsible for the qualification of the place, creating more friendly spaces. Dumpsters, flowerbeds, signposts, benches, lighting, bike racks, and so many others help transform a space that, despite being just a pass-through, is also the only public space in most cities. Click here to read more.

Featured Material Palettes

The Festival of Diwali

Diwali is a festival of love and light. This palette is full of light and positive energy for Indian-inspired home decor. The detailing on the wallpaper and marble is perfect for Indian-inspired aesthetics. The marble is white with yellow detailing. There are reds with white patterning and oranges with white patterning too. This colorful palette is perfect for modern but Indian-inspired homes!

Check out this and more palettes here.

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