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Hello and welcome to the 337 new curious minds who are joining the 19,000 existing Material Depot readers in the 1st Week of September newsletter. Is it raining where you are reading this from? Parts of the city are flooded in Bangalore and rains are commonplace now.

That brings us to how rains have a very strong relationship with construction projects. Site conditions are challenged, material transport gets slower and several other incidents test construction in different ways. Not just daily lives, how we work also changes because of rains.

On the flip side, studios in Bangalore who have been ordering materials with us recently have been telling a different story. With Material Depot, they’re now able to place orders for much less and without even stepping out of their offices this season. The work goes uninterrupted – and material is directly on site. Sweet isn’t it? We have been working tirelessly to build this one-of-a-kind texture library, material organizer, texture creator, 24-hour estimate maker, BOQ generator and now with the ability to procure materials we plan to cover everything you need in terms of building materials end-to-end.

We’re piloting ordering materials in Bengaluru at present. If you are practising any architecture/interior design project in Bengaluru, try our material ordering services for no cost. Book a free demo here. The tools we’ve made take away a lot of legwork you have to do for running a design practice – especially procuring materials and getting the best deals. This can be a new way to build and run your design practice, isn’t it? If you know a designer in Bengaluru or are one, try ordering with Material Depot today.

Let’s start with this week’s newsletter, shall we?

Total Materials 241932(+62) / Brands live 570(+7) / Categories discovered 70

From Carpets and Bathtubs

New Brands This Week

Hands Carpets

Hands Carpets is a luxury handmade carpet provider based in Delhi. Their collections include Hand Tufted, Hand Knotted (Persian & Nepali), Shaggy & Kilimns.


Colston is one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wellness products. Their style ranges from traditional to contemporary which makes it an appealing brand to many consumers.

The Past and the Present

Trending blogs this week

Lutyen’s Delhi

In 1911, Sir Edwin Lutyens, accompanied by Herbert Baker was commissioned to design the “new” capital, New Delhi, which would compete with Washington and Paris. With many iconic monuments like the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the India Gate, Lutyen’s Delhi is one of the best architectural marvels of India. Check out the full story of Lutyens Delhi here.

The Housing Design Scenario

The housing shortage is an issue the country has been facing for a long period of time. Projects like the Aranya Community Housing, Belapur Incremental Housing, and CIDCO housing shows how different architects and firms explore the concept of housing design. To learn more, click here.

What happens in Office

Our Top Content Piece This Week.

Being an architect and realising(reel)

Architects appreciation post! Being an architect can be a lot – you’re changing lives. Be it as a freelancer or a studio, you can be a hero, whether people see it or not. So this week, appreciate yourself and the work you do. See the full reel here.

Glasshouse Celeste- Idieqtecture- Material project of the week

This week’s material post features the Glasshouse Celeste by Idieqtecture. The post spotlights wood panels. See the post here.

Brown stays classic

Material Trends of the week

Brown is the color of the week

Brown-colored furniture accessories are trending! Of all the accessories pinned, a whopping 4/5 choices in this category were brown.

White ceiling tiles are the popular choice

White and brown ceiling tiles were pinned the most this week with 42.44% and 26.6% of the tiles pinned respectively. Seems like designers are opting for classic colors this week.

Architecture that can Breath and Grow – Imagined by Manav Bhatia

Symbiotic architecture, the new project of architect and computational designer Manas Bhatia imagines a surreal architectural future. The project imagines a future with symbiotic residential towers that breath and grow. He was inspired by the Hyperion tree and imagines the tower to appear as giant hollow redwood trees. The conceptual images of the project was executed using AI tool, Midjourney. Click here to read more.

The Father of Indian Architecture-BV Doshi

Featured palette

This week architect B V Doshi celebrated his 95th birthday and we’re featuring a palette of his name to appreciate his works and studio, Sangath. The palette in line with his philosophy is another variant of the traditional modern concept. With a play of brown, beige and white the palette has a true-blue Indian character of today’s time.

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