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It’s good to see you all again today. We’re joined by 289 new readers this week making our community 19626 people large. We hope you have a good time with this reading journey.

On that note, did you have an amazing weekend? We at Material Depot have been feeling nostalgic these days. Conversations about a younger and much forgiving time have been bouncing off our office walls frequently. With multiple architects in our group, we couldn’t help but reminisce about our internship days.

Internships are definitely one of the most fun and fruitful parts of design school. Anyone who has studied design in India knows the influence an internship ca make on a student’s personal and professional life. There are things we often wish we knew then that could have made the whole experience more meaningful. We are sharing three lessons that stood out to us that you can share with your interns as well.

  1. To learn not just to manage a project, but how a firm works. With many different personalities and thought-houses in a single firm, management of ideas and plans can be one the most crucial skills that one can have. As future designers and managers, this skill can come into handy.
  2. To speak up when something wasn’t understandable and to keep ears open all the time. In an office, there will be many conversations and discussions that one can note that can prove helpful in the future.
  3. To skip the longer route to doing something. There are so many tools and devices developed for our ease. Embrace them. Like how we have Material Depot for Studios and 24 hour get-a-quote feature, one can save a lot of time and energy avoiding supplier hopping.

There are always more tips and advice that you can pass on to your interns, but we’ll keep it short here. If you have more tips you can always add to the article by commenting. Now that we’ve covered the topic, let’s start with our regular newsletter columns.

Total Materials 241932(+62) / Brands live 570 / Categories discovered 70

Luxurious And Sustainable

Featured brand this week

Rug Berry– Sustainability at Rugberry

Rug Berry is one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of rugs. They turn plastic bottles into beautiful & sustainable collections of rugs. Click here to check their products.

All about paints and terrazzo

Trending blogs this week

The House Painting Dilemma

Painting is one of the most affordable ways to increase the value of a building and the quality of space. It is essential for changing the overall ambience of a space, and improving aesthetics and health. It even helps increase the resale value of the house. Read everything you need to know about house painting here.

Do You Know Enough About Terrazzo?

Terrazzo can look back on a long history. It was produced as a floor covering as far back in time as ancient Rome and Greece. The material experience a comeback during the renaissance and again had a rebirth in 2014. Today growing numbers of designers are opting for sustainable construction material with a speckled look, mixing in plastic, old bricks, or construction waste. To learn more, click here.

Make Your Pick- Materials To Enhance Your Interiors

Our top content piece this week.

The New-Age Way Of Getting Quotes

With the get a quote feature, architects and designers can now request unlimited quotes for free. You too can receive quotes for any material in 24 hours with Material Depot. See the full reel here.

What You Will Learn From A Small Firm

Working in any architecture office has its perks. But working in smaller firms can be life-changing. See the full post here.

Are Designers Choosing Matte Over Glossy

Material trends of the week

Vitrified is the choice of the week

Designers seem to be in love with vitrified tiles as more than one-third of the tiles pinned are of this type.

Matte finish wallpapers have gained the most traction this week.

Matte and metallic finish wallpapers continue to dominate the wallpaper category. Matte and metallic finish wallpapers accounted for 14.87% of all wallpapers pinned this week.

Material Depot: Material Search

How it works

In this video, learn how to download and use free high-quality textures and maps from Material Depot in SketchUp and V-ray. This tutorial includes importing normal, displacement, and roughness maps to create realistic renders! Click here to watch more tutorials from Material Depot.

Peach Paradise

Featured palette of the week

One of our premium collections, Peach Paradise, plays with pink, yellow, and white tones to produce a style that you might not have seen before. The foundational plane of such rooms is created by the white marble with golden lines, and items emerge from this base. It has a warm atmosphere because of the brown and yellow tiles, with peach as the middle color. The inner space is provided by a salmon-pink backdrop, which unifies the entire scene.

“Loving The Brand-Wise Categorization!”

User Testimonial

User testimonials are the best way to know about a brand. Here’s Parth Odhavani, a 3D designer sharing why he finds Material Depot useful for him.

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