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With barely 3 months left in the year, we’re glad that Material Depot and our material community have grown so much this year. ____ more readers have joined us today making us a community of ____ designers.

Today, we want to talk about how we take in new technology in construction. As designers, our main objective often revolves around efficiency. We crave and work for efficiency in terms of time, energy and materials. So it’s only natural that we like anything that improves our own and our firms’ efficiency. Technological advancements help us tackle this need of ours.

Today, there are tools for all stages of construction- from design to post-construction. And most of these are made easily accessible as well. Consider Material Depot Procurement for example- our services are made accessible to anyone who needs them. It connects you to the materials and vendors you require in the city rather easily and helps save time, energy and more. In short, we help you focus on your productivity. So in today’s world, it is only natural that we embrace technology and let go of the stigma against contemporary solutions.

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Featured brand this week

Oasis– where you will find the best quality tiles for every space.

The Oasis group is India’s leading company in the manufacturing of Wall tiles, Vitrified tiles and Sanitary ware products. Click here to check their products.

The Revolutionary Slab

Trending blogs this week

You might be surprised to find that tile countertops are making a huge comeback, but not in the manner you might have expected. Large porcelain slabs that resemble granite, marble, wood, linen, or just about any other natural material you may want have arisen from the tile scene, without any of their maintenance problems or usage limitations. Because porcelain slab tops are nonporous, like competing for quartz and solid surface (such as Corian) materials, they’re a secure and wholesome choice. To learn more, click here.

Make Your Pick- Materials To Enhance Your Interiors

Our top content piece this week.

Get materials, quotes and more in a flash.

Material Depot helps you with everything material and design – no more hassle. Get materials, quotes, and more in a flash. See the full post here.

Find the best prices on Material Depot with minimum hassle.

Architects and designers can now free, limitless quotes with the get a quote function. With Material Depot, you can get quotations in 24 hours for any material. See the full reel here.

What are the designers choosing this week?

Material trends of the week

The most popular fabric choices this week are blue and brown.

Blue has been a consistent winner through these weeks followed by Brown in fabrics. We believe shades as royal as blue are a classic choice that will never go out of style. The runner ups were Grey, Beige and Black.

Glossy tiles are still the dominant choice of designers.

This week, glossy tiles have been the topic of conversation. With three of the four tiles pinned on Material Depot being glossy, this trend continues to go on.

How to get prices for a list of products or BOQ on Material Depot.

How it works

In this video, learn how to get prices for a list of products or BOQ of products on Material Depot. Click here to watch more tutorials from Material Depot.

Modern Mantra

Featured palette of the week

One of our premium collections, Modern Mantra, is inspired by the bright contrasty Indian colors that complement through the blue and yellow shades with wood and patterned wallpapers tying it all together. The teal colored tile carpet brings the entire concept together.

“Loving the free 24-hour estimates for all building materials!”

User Testimonial

User testimonials are the best way to know about a brand. Here’s Ar. Durga Prasad, an Architect sharing why he finds Material Depot useful for him.

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