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From themes to colour to taste-kitchen interior designing

From modular themes to functional beautiful kitchen interiors
The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is the space that makes the health of all the residents and brings them together for that cherished quality time. This space harbours numerous memories and moments of a lifetime. . So undoubtedly, the kitchens have to be built with an individual family’s personality and needs in mind.
Here are some of the themes you can explore for your kitchen :

1. Minimalist

The minimalistic approach is mostly used for open-floor concept spaces that have a small kitchen area.
This theme mainly involves the use of just two colors: a spectrum of grey, black and white with a combination of wood are the most popular choices. The counters are made with marbles with an accent of bright colors. The objective of such a design is to portray a neat, decluttered and luxurious space. Materials such as Corian, granite, marble, or laminate perfectly compliment this style.

2. Tranquil

Tranquil setting for a peaceful and a calm Kitchen design.Derived from the concept of minimalism, this concept’s color palette ranges from grays, creams, and light greens to blues, which gives the space a fresh and airy feel The theme is often finished with matte elements such as granite counters and light-wood cabinets.

3. Contemporary

Contrary to the tranquil theme, contemporary kitchens play with light and dark colors, making it a much sought-after décor for kitchens in India. The style elements of such kitchens include frameless cabinets, bold color laminate surfaces, delicate grain wood, abundant lighting, and metal components. Granite and marble are all-time favorites for countertops. Recently , laminates have gained popularity as well.
Glass mosaic tiles and ceramic tiles are frequently used to create aesthetic backsplashes for such kitchens. Wood and tile are the main choices for flooring and for people on a budget, Vinyl plank flooring is also a great option.

4. Rustic

With an aim of bringing nature inside, rustic kitchens are created with an amalgamation of wood and metal– an interplay of comfort and toughness.
What makes it so unconventional is the tinge of orange that is incorporated to complement the wood in the design. The color palette often embodies an old-world charm..
In terms of materials, concrete countertops with natural stone back walls are a common., Granite, marble, and soapstone are also incorporated to add that extra natural feel. Island kitchen design with butcher block counter is the highlight of the theme. The style resembles that of a log cabin or farmhouse in the countryside.

5. Tuscan

Tuscan style kitchens are lavish and big on décor.. Red, purple, tans are the colors that are used with wood to create this style.Mosaic tiles are used for backsplashes with marble, granite, limestone for flooring and counters.
The style originates from the Italian and French countryside of the Renaissance period. Terracotta tiles are also used for the floor to embrace an exquisite kitchen design.
What makes this style stand out is the use of noise insulation to heighten the sense of calm.. Incorporating indoor plants adds to the value of the kitchen.

6. Coastal Décor

Coastal decor, as the name suggests, aims to add elements of a shore in the space. It adopts the essence of sand and sea. The color palette is limited to soft colors such as shades of blues, creams, and golds.
White countertops, and blue cream, and gold back walls are provided to complete tones. The theme is coast-like breezy with a hint of sophistication. Coastal kitchens are the best fit for open floor plans, where there is high traffic.

7. Retro

Mid-20th-century kitchens offer a special warmth and nostalgia of the good old days. This vintage theme is quite popular and is revamped and replicated in most kitchen interiors. The theme works well with both pastels and bold colors, resonating with the pop art movement.
Laminate countertops with checked floorings linoleum and sheet vinyl are used in a retro theme. Brick backsplashes and wooden cabinets further humble the space.. Patterns such as florals, gingham and polka dots are also used to give a grandma chique setting.

Kitchen spaces often become an unintended collective space where members of a household gather for chit chats as they cook. Especially in the Indian context, where hundreds of cultures and flavors blend, the kitchen has a vital role as it is the place where age-old recipes are passed on. Designing as per theme adds a personality to the space and makes one embark on new subtle experiences.

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