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Litheoz UHPC is a technically advanced concrete specifically formulated to manufacture unique and designer products for the lifestyle industry.

Concrete is one of the most ubiquitous, flexible, and dynamic building materials in architectural history. By offering a profoundly different building technique to architects and engineers, it has significantly altered the way in which buildings are designed and constructed in the modern age.Several architects, including Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, and Frank Lloyd Wright adopted the use of concrete in their designs and proliferated its use.

Le Corbusier constructed such buildings as the Unité d’Habitation, which used béton brut as its primary material, and the Chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Haut, which featured a dynamic and sweeping use of concrete, as well as pioneered the International Style, which emphasised inner concrete structure such as piloti and open plans.

Concrete is a material used in building construction, consisting of a hard, chemically inert particulate substance known as an aggregate (usually made from different types of sand and gravel), that is bonded together by cement and water.

Concrete is one of the oldest materials known to mankind for construction. Showcasing of the bare concrete surface as a finish started in the 1950s – the era of Brutalist Architecture. A flair for natural ageing of the material, its rawness and imperfections somehow created a sense of timelessness. Nuance Studio, founded by Ajaay Srinivaas reintroduces concrete from basic construction material to a High-quality luxury product using technologically advanced and ultra-high-performance concrete named “Litheoz”.

The trend of concrete products is catching up not just in India but across the globe. Litheoz Concrete is a cutting edge technology from Germany. Nuance Studio is equipped with a state-of-art production set up to manufacture varied types of products for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Litheoz, backed with modern techniques, can be applied to the varied genres of projects and, most importantly, it’s customizable.While concrete is a relatively well known material, ‘Litheoz’ is a newer material that many are unaware of.

Introducing the luxurious forms of concrete with the help of Litheoz

Nuance Studio specialises in handcrafting designer products with Litheoz, which is a malleable and highly customizable form of concrete that retains characteristic earthen sturdiness while having the ability to create beautiful pieces of art for decoration with utility. It gives freedom to express and emote art in different forms, textures, colours, finishes and more.

This unique mix of concrete is reinforced by glass fibres. Each creation is hand-crafted and customised to 1 piece production. It is extremely strong making the product thinner and lighter. It does not crack like normal concrete and is resistant to stains and scratches.In technological terms, Litheoz is a ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) carefully engineered to redefine the abilities of concrete. Resulting in a perfect blend of technology and allure. The rheology of Litheoz enables it to be cast into a mould by spraying, pouring, or injecting and even sculpted by hand.

Carefully estimated proportions and designed cycles guarantee high pressing thickness and less slender pores bringing about high compressive strength (100–120 mpa).The base shade of Litheoz is white. It is homogeneously hued utilising the most noteworthy grade of UV safe colours. The colorfastness of these shades ranges somewhere in the range of 7 and (8 being the most noteworthy).This permits the lighthearted utilisation of the items in indoor and outside spaces. Homogeneous blending of colours into Litheoz normally makes particular mottled tones that give a characteristic and gritty allure.

 Litheoz has been growing at a rapid pace, picking up the need of the market and presenting unique bespoke solutions.

Materials like Litheoz give a designer flexibility in design, it no longer needs to be cast onsite. Large sizes of concrete panels such as 9 ft x 3ft in a thickness of just 8 to 10mm are available which can be directly installed on plastered wall, drywall, etc. The panels age beautifully, have similar mottled tones, shade variations, rawness and other favourite features of the conventional concrete.

They come with many added advantages, for example, exposed concrete walls need not be planned in the architectural level of the project; they can be installed in the interior stages as well. Some other interesting products from the studio include translucent concrete bricks and concrete washbasins.

Concrete products has always proved to provide a very subtle and subdued ambience, where the other materials used along with concrete would complement without a struggle for importance

Translucent concrete was first invented in Hungary by a designer called Aron Losonczi. The concept intrigued designers and companies world over, and many have created their own versions of it. Using this technology in the form of bricks, this self supporting and easy to install product transmits high volumes of light. It uses optical grade plastic as light rods to transmit light.  The Monolith washbasins by Nuance Studio not only look beautiful and elegant but are functional too.

There are no joints between the counters and wash basins thus,simplify cleaning, maintenance, and promote hygiene. Monolith series washbasins by Nuance Studio are monolithically cast along with vanity counter, fascia and backsplash, if needed. The surface is coated with multiple layers of breathable advanced sealer system that keeps the washbasin resistant to stains from daily encountered ingredients such as food, soap, removers, oil, vinegar, wine, lime, etc. The surface of the washbasin can be refurbished to make them look as good as new by waxing them periodically if required. Else, these basins can also be cleaned with diluted soap and sponge.

To begin with, the customer can choose from the wide range of bowl shapes available, then customize it with details such as the length, width and depth of the counter. 

Nuance Studio has had the privilege to work with well-renowned architects and be a part of landmark projects across the country catering to HNI homes and well-known corporate companies such as – Google, Facebook, HSBC, Uber, Cisco, Microsoft, Wipro and many more. The Fibonacci Series is one such wall panel series that gained wide appreciation for its aesthetics and appearance. This product was designed by SFDW studios and it won Elle Decor (EDIDA) award for 2019-2020.The company endeavours to deliver the utmost level of quality and design by always being active in research and development in this classification of concrete.

Inspired by the golden ratio, these panels can either be installed in the fibonacci sequence or it can be tessellated in infinite combinations making each wall unique. 


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