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Bringing colour to your walls

House Painting is one of the best things one can do to boost its curb appeal, increase its resale value, and love the house even more. Painting provides a low cost and easy way to update the interior and exterior spaces. But the process can be quite tiresome if done in the wrong way.

House Painting for aesthetics,health and cleanliness

Why Paint?

Painting provides a protective coating that preserves surfaces. More the paint protects the house from extreme weather conditions. It protects the house from abrasive elements such as sun and water.

In the case of reselling the house, the value of your property increases in the real estate market on painting. Painting is an accessible solution for people who want to raise the value of their property affordably. Moreover, they aim to make a minor improvement that yields major returns. The home will look newer and more appealing to buyers.

Regular painting the walls help keep away dirt and dust. Opting for non or low VOC toxic paints promotes optimum air quality and low toxic fumes. A new coat of paint on the walls can be a sealant for moisture, reducing added weight and reducing the stress on the structural integrity. Home painting with quality paints will help keep away dust and allergens and maintain cleanliness.

Multiple types of paints are used to hides permanent marks & stains in walls which can be difficult to remove.

Most importantly, painting helps personalise space as per the user’s needs.

Mixing Paint

What Is Good Paint?

  • Wearability: Good paint must be resistant to wear and tear caused by the atmosphere and must maintain its colour, smoothness and finish for a long time.
  • Covering ability: Paints on the application must cover the surface uniformly and homogeneously with a finish that is smooth and uniform.
  • Ease of cleaning: Good paint is not chemically reactive with materials and only present on the top layer of the surface applied. It should be easy to clean and remove.
  • Environmentally friendly: The most environment-friendly paints are mostly water-based, as they have low or zero VOCs, and do not have any plasticisers or biocides in them. However, not all oil-based paints can be classified as eco-friendly as some contain white spirits and other solvents.
  • Aesthetic: Good paint provides a comfortable room climate and reduces the risk of moulds and algae growing on it.
  • Practical and cost-effective: Paint must be affordable, ready to use and long-lasting. At times price can be a decisive factor in the selection of paints. Although avid customers tend to favour quality over price.
The type of paint you chose can transform your house

Types of Paint:

  • Oil Based paints: Oil-based paints are mostly used for their hard finish that makes them durable and water-resistant. These paints provide better surface penetration and adhesion compared to others.Oil-based paints are a good choice for stained surfaces, bleeding woods, and metals that can rust. Their drying time, however, is longer than latex paints — sometimes taking as long as 24 hours.
  • Water-Based Paint: A water-based enamel is a more preferred and safer choice than oil-based for interior walls. In addition, water-based paints have low VOCs, dry quickly, and wear better throughout the years. Moreover, they dry quicker than oil-based paints. This type of paint is significantly easier to clean up as well and can be done with simple soap and water.
  • Latex-Based Paint: Latex paint is used for most exterior applications and is much easier to work with. It’s resistant to the effects of direct sunlight. Latex paint expands and contracts don’t trap moisture.
  • Primer: Primer is an important part of the process. They are either oil-based or water-based. Water-based primers are great for any surface, can only be used with water-based paint. Oil-based primers can be used with both oil- or water-based paint, and these primers also work well on stained wood, bleeding wood, and metals.
Gallery of black and white posters and photos on emerald green wall in trendy bedroom

Types Of Finishes:

  • Flat Paint: Flat paint is affordable and as the name suggests, doesn’t give a very vibrant look. It is not very reflective and won’t have texture. Flat paint can be useful, but it is best used in areas that aren’t used as often. The flat paint has less durability that is prone to becoming damaged. It is not suitable for areas of high traffic. However flat paint is that it is quite affordable.
  • Matte Paint: Matte paint is slightly glossier than flat paint and is more durable. The slight increase in durability makes the matte paint a more reasonable option for high-traffic areas. It still is not going to be the ideal choice for most people but is a bit better than flat paint. Matte paint is best suited for the ceiling.
  • Eggshell Paint: Eggshell is of the low lustre kind, so it works well for decorative finishes. It can be cleaned easier than a flat finish. This paint is durable and won’t wash away when washing walls. Eggshell is of the upgrade to a matte finish. It is glossier than a matte finish. The biggest selling point of eggshell paint is that it is fairly durable.
  • Satin Paint: Satin paint is the most similar eggshell paint overall. They have minor differences that do set them apart. Satin paint is a touch glossier than eggshell, but many people can’t notice the difference very well. These two paint types are very closely associated with one another. This is slightly glossy paint that is still flat enough to suit most people’s needs.
  • Semi-Gloss Paint: Semi-gloss (or semi-gloss) paints do not have the high shine or lustre of high-gloss finishes but are more durable than flat paints with a matte finish. This glossier type of paint is somewhat stain-resistant and can be a good paint choice for any area you need to clean often, such as playrooms, family rooms, or kitchen cabinets.
  • High Gloss: High-gloss paints are the shiniest paint finish of the bunch. They’re also the most durable and washable, so they can handle daily scrubbing.
Paints are available in multiple options and finishes

House painting is essential for maintaining the longevity and quality of a space and also changes the overall ambience of a space,improvising aesthetics and health. find diverse paint options on Material Depot.

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