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Commonly used but forever loved!

To understand what is fundamental, we must first understand a simple situation. While starting a project, an architect or professional knows exactly what materials they need and begins to customize them. There’s always going to be a “go-to” list for architects and designers. This list usually will consist of quintessential materials that have been tried and tested with time. They are favorites and their popularity doesn’t seem to be waning off anytime soon. So, what are these fundamental building materials then, especially in India?
Here’s a list of materials that have been in usage since time immemorial-

1. Marble

Marble exudes luxury. From the look and feel, marble flooring transports you to sophisticated times. Taj Mahal, the eternal symbol of love, is one of the most famous monuments made of stunning white marble. Marble flooring is the top choice for a lot of Indians and the best way to wow your guests.
It is very porous, durable, and requires low maintenance making it one of the best options for flooring. Homeowners and architects can pick from a wide variety of colors and hues to transform homes into celestial masterpieces.

2. Granites

While marble is smooth due to its chemical composition, granite appears to be more granular in nature. Granite helps in giving a more natural look to the space and is more pocket friendly compared with marble.
Granite is easy to maintain, durable, and can resist stains well. When compared with marble, granite has a more long-lasting capacity. Hence, if you are a designer whose client wants a luxurious natural stone feel but is on a budget, then granite is your top choice.

3. Vitrified Tiles

When you can’t pick between natural stone and other flooring options, then vitrified tiles are for you. Due to its shine and ability to emulate other materials, you can use vitrified tiles to look like expensive natural stone or imported wooden flooring.
This versatile option is affordable and requires low maintenance. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes and can be used not for both interior and exterior finishes.

4. Linoleum

This retro flooring material is making a smashing comeback this season because of its versatility and aesthetic look. A popular flooring option of the mid-20th century, linoleum is made of natural materials that are renewable.
It is highly durable, affordable, eco-friendly, scratch-resistant, and requires very low maintenance. The best part about linoleum is how you can customize your own patterns and up the look of your homes. Architects can unleash their creative sides and form new designs for their clients based on the concept and theme of the project.
A hit of the past is definitely making a strong comeback this season.

5. Hardwood

Widely used in the west but slowly coming up in the Indian market is hardwood flooring. Like natural stone, it is expensive but can transform a space to make it look sophisticated.
It is the best option to liven up your living room and enchant your guests. While this material does serve looks, it also requires a lot of maintenance. Usually picked for its aesthetics than workability, hardwood flooring has a long way to go to become more accessible to the common Indians.

6. Terrazzo/Mosaic

Terrazzo flooring is something we have all had in our homes while growing up. Popularly found in older buildings, there are numerous reasons as to why this type of flooring is still picked today.
It is stain-free, durable, and very easy to maintain. Lately, terrazzo has been in the news not just for flooring but for lighting fixtures, furniture, etc. like linoleum, terrazzo is once again the top pick of the season. Technology and advancement are transforming terrazzo into the “it” flooring.

7. Laminate

We have seen laminates used in the kitchen but laminates as flooring are all the new rage. Unlike hardwood, it is easier to manage, creates beautiful patterns, and is sturdy.
There are laminates of the anti-slip variety that make sure you don’t trip, making them an attractive option for houses with elderly and children. Available in numerous patterns, this is an accessible alternative to hardwood with the same luxurious feel.


All the above-mentioned materials are beloved by the Indian market. While some of them have been forever favorites, the others are making a great comeback. With the advancement in technology and being more environmentally proactive, flooring is becoming sustainable and affordable.
Flooring is often overlooked because the designer and homeowner spend most of their time focusing on the interior or the furniture of the house. But with the right choice and a keen eye, you can transform the whole space using these common or in other words, fundamental flooring materials.

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