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Ever since the pandemic hit, everyone is starting to appreciate the simpler things in life. Even when it comes to home interiors and decorating, less is becoming more.

Over the years, we have been an audience to so many interior trends that have been over the top and loud. In 2022 we are seeing a huge change. Interiors are more welcoming, simple, and easy to maintain. 

Here are our top picks of the season for you to consider while renovating your house.

1. The Return of Wood

Wooden elements highlighting interior of the house (Source: Home Designing)

Wood is an excellent choice to add depth and warmth to a room. Be it wooden flooring, cabinets, or furniture. The textured hues are so sophisticated and timeless. From having statement furniture to antique wooden doors. 

Wood is definitely making a comeback. You can even use reclaimed wood for your interiors. Not only will it add to the grandeur of the house but also will be a great story to tell!


2. Indoor Plants

Transforming interior with indoor plants (Source: Financial Times)

Just open Instagram and you will be bombarded with so much content of indoor plants. It seems like the world collectively decided that they will start planting to keep themselves occupied during the global pandemic. 

And this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. The key is to have very low maintenance, less water, and easy to manage plants. The plants are not just utilized for their aesthetic beauty. They help in cleaning the air by filtering out pollutants and allergens and also releasing oxygen. They can be small potted cactus or a lovely creeper that can be hung from a basket. Cactus, money plant, snake plant, alocasia, ferns, aloe vera, etc. are some of the most famous indoor plants of the year.


3. Patterned Flooring

Patterned flooring adds dimension to the space (Source: Bharat Flooring)

Patterned flooring is a major hit this season. Be it any interior magazine or even beautiful homes on Instagram, patterned flooring is all over India. There’s just something old-school and sophisticated with having a patterned floor. 

Flooring is usually a part of the house we tend to overlook. The conventional option for flooring would usually be marble or granite. While natural stone does have its appeal, patterned flooring is definitely a game-changer.

The right type of pattern can just transform your space in the house. Checkerboard pattern, Moroccan theme pattern, ikat pattern, herringbone pattern are some of the top choices this year.


4. Backyard Retreat

Backyards becoming an oasis of calmness (Source: Past the Gate)

The whole world has been involved in transforming some or the other part of the house to keep sane during this pandemic lockdown. A very famous space that has gone through a lot of transformation this year in most of our houses in the backyard or the balcony. 

Being stuck within the walls of our houses has been tough which is why most people have been giving their balconies and backyards a transformation. A little landscaping, some delicate furniture, and light fixtures have helped to bring comfort and serenity to the outside. This is a great place to unwind or chill after a long day of work from home.


5. Traditional and Sustainable

Modern but traditionally inspired house (Source: ArchDaily)

Architecture is seemingly adopting greener methods and that’s a great step. Be it incorporating rainwater harvesting or using less hazardous building materials, design is becoming sustainable and we’re all here for the change.

In India, we are seeing a lot of climate-responsive architecture where people are not just creating replicas of the past. But they are incorporating design elements from the past to combat modern problems.


6. Statement Pieces

One piece of furniture adds glamour to the space (Source: Hadley Court)

Thanks to technology, we are all becoming connoisseurs of art! And it is reflecting on the interiors of our houses. We all have that one piece in our house which instantly gets a lot of attention and just transforms the look and character of the space.

It can be a piece of furniture, a vase, a tapestry, or even an antique piece. 2022 is all about the hunt for a signature piece to invest in.



Though we have all been locked in during the pandemic, we have not stopped redecorating our houses. A great pastime and also helps to appreciate having a roof over our heads in these tough times. It’s a great way to add more life and character to a probably forgotten space of the house.

 With the help of platforms like Instagram and digital media blogs, design tips are so easy to find. All you need is very basic materials for your next house transformation. It is minimal, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. So, stop procrastinating on your next interior project and go and get started to revamp your house.

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