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Material Weekly July W3 2022

Hello to all the 731 readers who have joined the Material Depot this week. And welcome back to all the 17213 smart and curious designers already part of the community. Each week we bring you the best of everything happening on Material Depot – new products, new brands, latest palettes, blogs, and pretty much everything you’d need to stay updated about.

Welcome to the 3rd week of our July newsletter series which is on everything patterns and related stories happening on Material Depot. Let’s begin!

Total Materials 231071(+34) / Brands live 534(+3) / Categories discovered 69(+1)

Generate patterns in no time – Introducing Material Depot’s brand new Pattern generator

Looking for a new way to generate texture patterns? We’ve got you covered. Our brand new pattern generator allows you to create patterned textures in no time. In just 3 quick steps, you can have the textured patterns that you can use anywhere on your model. Try it now.

Our new stories this week.

Patterns with mosaic 

Mosaic is no new term in the material industry. It is a material and a style. There are unlimited colors, patterns, and designs to create with the mosaic technique. If you are all in for unique designs, try learning more about mosaic here

Tiles From The Most Versatile Element 

India’s battle with air pollution is a dilemma all of us are aware of. Tejas Sidnal, founder of Carbon Craft Design was keen to create an architectural intervention to upcycle pollution, one that can be achieved through technology and craft – Carbon Tiles. Learn more about how this firm is capturing pollution and upcycling it in their feature spotlight.

Talk about Customization – 3D Printing In The Design World 

3D technologies help to manage the whole production process, from the early stages of the project to produce it. With faster production, lower construction rates, simple integration and limitless design possibilities, 3D printing benefits  both designers and clients. See successful architecture projects constructed using 3D printing on the Material Depot blog.

Material trends you’d find useful

The top carpet tiles used by architects and designers this week were grey, followed by brown and blue.

Green has been capturing eyes this week, followed by grey and blue in the paints segment.

These fabric types have been the most popular this week.

Polyester base fabrics are the most pinned fabric type this week, with 24.55 % of the entire segment. Cotton and Leather are the 2nd and 3rd most pinned base materials in Fabrics segment.

We can’t stop… adding more brands to Material Depot

We’ve said it before and we say it again- we’re not going to run out of brands. This week we’re introducing to you 10 new brands. These brands include Porceko, Anand Unifloor, Dios Casa and Sensi. Any new material you need? We’re already on it.

Materializing our top social media content this week.

Site visit>>Food/Sleep/Life

Amitabh Bachchan tops the Social Media content this week. This Bachchan sequence seems to hit a nerve for designers and engineers as all those who’ve suffered the wrath of site visits seem to relate to the clip so hard.

From Pulp to Furniture and Fabric!

Pulp is showing promise as a sustainable interior design thanks to its environmental benefits and versatile applications. It has also expanded its presence in large-scale projects and home decor. Pulp Factory is a community of innovators that thrives in producing responsible and utilitarian products by bringing the best out of newspaper waste. Read more about it on our Instagram page.

Free software = Happy Designer

Let’s accept it, our happiness doubles when things come free. And as designers, when we get access to software for free? That feeling is just euphoric. So when we offer to you a list of such software, it is bound to make you happy. To check out the list of free software, click here.

Get inspired by Indian Architecture Eras – New palette collection live now.

Taking you on a material ride across eras is our new series of material palettes – Indian Architecture Eras. The Mughal architecture palette perfectly captures the opulence and royalty of its creators. It is suited for Indian-inspired interiors, like restaurants, public lounges, living rooms, etc. The Cave architecture palette on the other hand has very strong earthy influences present and is perfect for houses that want to have warmth in their interiors. It can be best used in houses that opt for a very wooden and natural earthy vibe. The Kalinga architecture palette portrays the influence of the ancient Kalinga empire.  It is bold and has loud warm tones, and will be a very strong choice for Indian-inspired interiors. The Dravidian palette pays tribute to the beautiful Dravidian style of architecture. The palette has a healthy balance of subtle and loud shades and is a deconstructed take on Dravidian architecture.. Lastly, the Indo-Saracenic palette was developed taking inspiration from the Indian style and mixing it with British influence. This can be utilized best for your living room interiors or even posh dining rooms.

Free resource of the week: Happy Modeling with Free3D

Anyone involved in 3D modeling would know about the difficulty in finding good 3D models. But what if it is free as well? That’s what Free3D does. Free3D is a website with over 17,000 free 3d models ranging across vehicles, flora, architecture, human anatomy, and more. Users can get them in multiple 3D formats like.max,.obj,.fbx,.3ds, and so on.

Have you been liking what you’ve been seeing so far? Then you definitely don’t want to miss out on our last week’s newsletter.
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